Hot Shoe Cover (Black)

4.5 Stars

Availability: In stock

Hot Shoe Cover (Black)

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Hot Shoe Cover (Black)
4.5 Stars

Availability: In stock

Item #VN239700-U420-AP07

Hot Shoe Cover (Black). This is for the Gold, Silver, Black, & Red PEN Series cameras (except E-P1).

Hot Shoe Cover (Black)


Hot Shoe Cover (Black). This is for the Gold, Silver, Black, & Red PEN Series cameras (except E-P1) and the XZ-1. Item # VN239700-460
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February 25, 2018 by Torsten
Protects flash shoe and accessory port
Small accessory that covers the flash shoe and the accessory port of my Pen. Fits perfectly - I don't know if it is really needed. Might be useful if your camera tends to get dirty or a bit wet.
July 10, 2017 by Robert
Exactly What I Needed
This hot shoe cover also protects the accessory port on my E-P2/3 camera bodies. It slides in and locks in and stays put. It is an improvement over the hot shoe cover it replaced, which didn't have the flap for the accessory port. Given how important this port is to use a large variety of accessories I'm glad it is covered up when not in use.