Photographing dogs is similar to photographing people: it’s all about capturing personality. The best photos are genuine and organic, and always do the subject justice. And while it’s easy to snap a picture of your pup, it’s much harder to capture a photo where their personality is palpable. Here are some tips for taking photos that will make your followers love your fur baby as much as you do.


Eyes are the most expressive part of a dog’s face. You can tell if your dog is happy, tired, or even guilty just by how they look at you. To capture these sincere emotions, simply say your dog’s name to get their attention and drop down to their level.

Pro Tip: Cameras with portrait modes automatically set the aperture to its widest setting to blur the background and provide more focus on the face and eyes. If your camera doesn’t have these auto settings, widen the aperture manually (F1.8-F4.0) to allow more light into the lens and sharpen the focus on your pet.


Make photo time into a fun activity to get your dog out of their shell. If your dog feels like modeling is a chore then they’ll get bored and not show off their personality. Throw a Frisbee, use treats as incentive, or even have them chase you to capture exciting action shots.

Pro Tip: Use a faster shutter speed to prevent blur caused by quick motions. Cameras with semi-manual modes (like Shutter Priority) help by allowing you to control your shutter speed. The camera then automatically sets the aperture and ISO to complement your shutter speed so you can enjoy the moment and not worry about settings.


Dogs’ unique personalities really come to life during social interactions. Whether it’s with another dog or yourself, make sure to capture your pup’s one-of-a-kind relationships in raw form.

Pro Tip: Create a natural environment for both parties so the poses look comfortable and relaxed in your photos. If you’re alone, use a tripod and your camera’s self-timer feature to snap some candid (or #plandid) pictures.

Also, the Olympus Image Share app allows you to remotely control your Olympus camera via your smartphone through your camera’s built-in Wi-Fi. Then, you can wirelessly transfer your shots to your smartphone for instant uploading and sharing. Who knows, the perfect picture might launch you and your dog into Insta-fame.