FL-LM3 Replacement Flash

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FL-LM3 Replacement Flash

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FL-LM3 Replacement Flash
5.0 Stars
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Availability: In stock

Item #V326150BW000-U410-AF01

Replacement Flash for the certain OM-D and PEN camera bodies. Dustproof / Splashproof. Has GN9 (ISO 100) and is capable of bounce photography.


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FL-LM3 Replacement Flash


Replacement Flash for the some OM-D and PEN camera bodies. Dustproof / Splashproof. Has GN9 (ISO 100) and is capable of bounce photography.

PLEASE NOTE: The FL-LM3 is compatible with the OM-D E-M5 Mark II, OM-D E-M1 Mark II, OM-D E-M10 Mark II, OM-D E-M10 Mark III, PEN-F, and OM-D E-M1X cameras.

Item # V326150BW000
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February 29, 2020 by Matthew
The Baby Yoda of flashes!
OK, so the first impression is: "OMG! This thing is adorable!", followed by an audible chuckle which, I can say with certainty, is the reaction of 95% of people seeing this little unit for the first time. The second thing was: "Wow, this has ALL of the movements of a professional flash! (OK, then I HAD to attach it to my Stroboframe Pro-T, just for another chuckle...), followed by..."Wait, where do you put the batteries...???" It dawned on me that it must draw power from the camera battery, and I tried it on both the E-M MKII it came with as well as on my E-M10 MKIII. I was truly amazed at how well this performed, and I will use it forever! Not a full on substitute for the sun, nor studio lights, or even an FL model, but ridiculously useful. I may get another just to keep in my bag as a spare. GREAT little unit!
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January 9, 2019 by Robert
Small and Compact
I recently bought this flash for my Olympus OMD 10 II. I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this flash and for the most part I will say they were pretty accurate when describing it. I have not taken a large number of photos with it yet, but enough I feel to give it a fair review at this point. First what the flash is: Small and compact, a good go to, put in your coat pocket, camera bag, or travel bag option to throw up some light when you need it without hauling around a larger flash unit. It's a fair value considering for under 100 dollars you get a decently built basic factory Olympus flash that you can have the confidence in knowing it will match up to the appropriate Olympus camera. It swivels forward, up, down back, and side to side and bounces a reasonable amount of light for its size and the flash is way better than what's on the camera. What it's not: a full size flash to be compared with say an Olympus FL-600 series and if that's the performance you are looking for than you need to buy that caliber of flash w/the bells and whistles that go with it. Additionally, One thing I will mention which may be a game changer for some is that the flash does not take batteries, rather it draws off the camera battery. Not a big deal to me, I can just carry an extra camera battery but this may not be an option some like. Bottom line would I recommend this? Yes I would, but if I made a living with my camera would I use it in a studio, etc.. Not likely, but I also have not pushed this flash to its limits to see what it will really do, I would be interested in finding a review where someone actually did this but I was unable to find such. Overall no real complaints here just be mindful of what you are purchasing and its capabilities before getting this and it disappoints you.
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October 26, 2017 by Torsten
Great little flash
Great flash - very small, doesn't need batteries - great to trigger RC flashes as it tilts and rotates. You can attach the little pouch to your camera carrying belt
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