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Chris Poplawski

Chris Poplawski

Chris is a Southern California native who loves experiencing new landscapes and engaging with wildlife.

Chris is a Southern California native who loves experiencing new landscapes and engaging with wildlife.


About Chris

Chris Poplawski is a Southern California native who loves experiencing new landscapes and engaging with wildlife in their natural element. While his life's work is mainly dedicated to travel and brand photography, he also spends my time building relationships with couples and people around the world to capture their love stories.

"After graduating from USC with a business degree, I found myself stuck in a Director role with a big time marketing firm. I would manipulate my 10 days vacation, by taking off 10 different Fridays just to spend longer weekends in the mountains backpacking. I was far from 'talented' and had zero education into what I was doing. But if you love anything, you know how quickly your mind becomes consumed by it. No matter how much I excelled in the office, it took me 2 years to fully grasp how unfulfilled sitting behind a desk really was for me because I truly I lacked creative application. I put in my two weeks, told my friends that evening I was going to dedicate all of my time from this point moving forward to photography. 3 and a half years later, I have never looked back.

How I Got Started with Olympus

"My first encounter with Olympus was while traveling in Germany, where a huge group of my photography friends highly backed the brand. I was curious, decided to reach out and before I knew it I had my first Olympus system in my hands a few days before heading to Japan. I honestly had no idea what to expect- or what the camera was capable of. Then Osaka Castle happened with the most incredible Cherry Blossom foliage I could only dream of, and the value of Olympus struck me. The dynamic colors, the size and ease of travel, the durability, and most importantly- the trust I quickly built within the system."

What I Love About Olympus

"Olympus offers me range, which is instrumental to my creative process. The more time I spend in the outdoors and taking photos, the more I realize that a good photographer is always prepared for any and all possibilities. Light rays in the distance, the unexpected wildlife encounter, a massive landscape arguably too big to capture, and the list goes on. Not only does Olympus offer what you'd expect in any camera, but the range in which the setup allows me to capture quality is huge. The performance is comparable to any, and I truly appreciate the portability and trust I have within the brand."

The Olympus Explorer Program is Olympus America Inc.’s official program for its social photographers. Olympus Explorers consist of a select group of social partners from across the U.S. and Canada who represent a select focus of photography genres, and offer varying years of experience and influence. Each has a unique point of view, an enthusiasm for Olympus products and the brand, a strong presence in the social photography community, and best practices to share.

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