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Brooke Bartleson

Brooke Bartleson

Brooke is a wildlife photographer based out of Silverthorne, Colorado.

Brooke is a wildlife photographer based out of Silverthorne, Colorado.

About Brooke

Brooke is a wildlife photographer based out of Silverthorne, Colorado. She has always been a lover of animals, and when she first began shooting she was naturally hooked on photographing wildlife right from the start. Her ultimate goal is to photograph all the core species of megafauna found in North America. When Brooke is not actively photographing, tracking, or scouting for wildlife, you can find her snowboarding at the Colorado ski resort where she works.

"I got started in photography shortly after I graduated from college when I moved up to the mountains. The mountains seem to be a haven for people with big dreams and wild passions. The adventurousness of big dreaming mountain folks was contagious, and I finally picked up my camera which had been collecting dust for about a year. It felt good to have something motivating me to go outside and push myself, and once I discovered my knack for photographing wildlife I realized there was nothing else on earth I'd rather be doing.

How I Got Started with Olympus

"I got started with the Olympus system when I was starting to get very fed up with the bulk and fragility of my old DSLR. I was sick of missing days out shooting due to wet weather, and I was growing frustrated with having to carry 15+ pounds of equipment on my back when I set out to track wildlife. I was intrigued by the lightweight portability of Olympus cameras, so I decided to give them a try. They were just as light and durable as I expected, and the image quality totally blew my mind. I was immediately hooked and once I made the switch I never really looked back."

What I Love About Olympus

"Olympus has incredible image stabilization technology, both in-body and in lens for my 300mm. This is one of my favorite things about Olympus. In a perfect world, I'd carry a tripod with me on all of my shoots. In reality, when I am putting together a light-weight pack for tracking excursions my tripod is usually the first thing I leave behind in favor of saving weight. I'm lucky to say this has never been a problem ever since switching to Olympus gear. The IS counters my tired and shaky hands and allows for crisp photos even from a long distance."


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