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PEN E-PL10 at a Glance

When it comes to photography, your smartphone only does so much. Step up to the PEN E-PL10. This super compact, lightweight camera is comfortable to carry and designed for a sleek and timeless feel. Advanced technology ensures you’ll capture stunning photos and smooth 4K video. This camera was built to help you create and capture your visions. Share your work on-the-go easily with the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Stay connected and go beyond your smartphone with the PEN E-PL10.

  • Flip Touch
  • Screen
  • In-body Image
  • Stabilization
  • & Bluetooth
  • Sharing
  1. 16 Megapixel Live 
MOS Image Sensor
  2. 3-Axis Image Stabilization
  3. TruePic™ VIII Image Processor
  4. Built-in Flash
  5. Touch to Focus & Shoot
  6. 4K Ultra HD Video
  7. 180 Degree Tilting Touch Screen
  8. Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  9. Silent Shooting Mode
  • Intuitive
  • Selflies
    made simple
  • Shoot


      A timeless design featuring premium materials and classic color combinations to complement every style so you always look your best.


        The PEN E-PL10 combines pure aesthetics and stylish design with materials like leather, brushed aluminum and metal textures.


        Choose from three colors that will complement any style. Try our new sleek all-black look with matching body and lens.


        Carrying this camera is so refreshingly easy you’ll take it everywhere. A lightweight body and compact lenses deliver portability only Olympus can offer.


      The E-PL10 features strong, sleek lines comprised of quality materials like brushed aluminum, leather grain accents and metal textures. A large mode dial and hidden flash offer easy functionality make sure you are ready for any shooting situation.


      Bring more color into your photography. We offer three color combinations to match your individual sense of style. The E-PL10 is available in three colors, named to honor our Japanese heritage: Shiro 白, Kuro 黒, and Mocha 茶.


      Toss it in your bag or carry it on your shoulder all day. It’s one of the most portable interchangeable lens cameras you’ll ever pick up. Perfect for travel, getting together with family and friends or spending a day exploring the city. The everyday camera you’ll always want to have with you.


      Shoot with the E-PL10 all day thanks to a comfortable grip and effortless design. This camera will allow you to have a more steady aim and tighter hold on the camera.


      Make the E-PL10 truly yours with stylish accessories. You can add a genuine leather body jacket, shoulder strap or lens jacket.



      You can let the camera figure out how to get the perfect shot or you can take full creative control. Either way, you’ll have images nothing short of spectacular.


        Relax and let the camera do the work. Auto Mode instantly selects the right settings so you’ll always get a perfect shot.


        Explore the world of photography with Manual Mode. Take control of all camera settings so your image will look exactly the way you want it.


        Shoot like a PRO without the advanced settings. The E-PL10 has 6 categories of Scene Modes to help you shoot the most challenging scenes.


      Turn the control over to the camera with Auto Mode to detect factors like scene, lighting, subject and camera motion to ensure you’ll capture a spectacular shot. If the scene has low light like a campfire or sunset, Auto Mode will take bright, crisp photos. If you or your subject is moving, it compensates for motion and hand shake and prevents your shots from coming out blurry. It’s carefree shooting at its best and easiest.


      Manual Mode puts you in control of the camera’s shutter speed, aperture and ISO. You’ll determine how bright or dark you want your image to be. Shooting in manual helps you explore photography and experiment with creative settings.


      Some scenes are harder to capture than others and require more precise settings. That’s where Scene Modes come in. You’ll find six categories that cover practically everything — People, Motion, Indoors, Nightscapes, Scenery or Close-Ups. Follow the prompts on the touch screen and you’ll beautifully capture some of the toughest shots in photography like a candle-lit birthday cake or a pet running with a blurred background.


      Never get lost in a menu again. The Shortcut Button instantly brings you back to the primary settings in each photography mode.


      Taking clear, crisp, bright photos where light is low can be difficult. Thanks to powerful in-body 3-Axis Image Stabilization, you’ll take awesome handheld shots of scenes like campfires, sunsets or candlelit dinners.



      The PEN E-PL10 is packed with tons of advanced features and technology for capturing great stills and video. Not to mention the built-in 180° flip LCD is designed to help you master the perfect selfie.

      • 180° FLIP TOUCH SCREEN

        Our rotating touch screen makes operating the camera, framing your shots and taking a selfie effortless.


        Track and capture any subject using Touch AF. The high speed autofocusing feature helps you instantly focus and shoot by touching the screen.


        Simply touch the screen to capture sharp, colorful selfies that far surpass your smartphone.


      Our flip touch screen is one feature that does many things. It flips 180° so you’ll always be able to get a good view of the menu and your subject in any light. Composing becomes much easier. Just touch the screen to operate the shutter button, shoot a movie, autofocus and use other features. Putting the E-LP10 in Selfie Mode is as easy as flipping down the screen.


      With high-speed autofocus, the camera instantly focuses and shoots with a simple touch of the screen. Easy enough for you to capture your pup running around. Using Touch Auto Focus will track your subject and capture the photo by pressing the screen. Works great on still subjects too. For example, take a shot of a flower with pinpoint focus by pressing the area of the screen you want to shoot.


      Use the E-PL10 to capture selfies worth sharing. Flip the screen down so it faces you, then touch the screen to take your shot. The camera automatically puts itself in Selfie Mode and comes through with clear, bright shots.


      We hid the flash to help give the E-PL10 its sleek, modern look. Use it to take photos when you’re shooting with ambient light indoors or outdoors. You’ll capture beautiful, true-to-life stills.



      A compact-sized camera with a big suite of features to help you take more creative photos and video.


        Think of our Advanced Photo Modes as a creative toolbox to help take your photography to beautiful new heights.


        Instantly add customizable effects to your stills. Choose from 16 in-camera Art Filters to give your photos a unique, creative look without post-production.


        The E-PL10 uses cutting edge technology that delivers exceptional image quality with edge-to-edge sharpness and true-to-life color.


      Our Advanced Photo Modes put your creativity to use. Live Composite and Live Time Modes helps capture nighttime shots without overexposure. Use Keystone Compensation Mode to take stunning architecture photos or AE Bracketing and HDR Modes are ideal for shooting high contrast scenes. Capture dramatic macro images with the Focus Bracketing Mode. Panoramic Mode lets you take shots with amazing perspective and when you need to shoot discreetly, Silent Mode quiets all camera sounds.


      With 16 Art Filters and a new customizable fine tuning function, you’ll have endless creative options to add something extra to your photo. For example, use the built-in flash in conjunction with Instant Film and get an old-school vintage film look. You can now fine tune your images by sliding a bar on the screen to increase or decrease the filter effect.


      Advanced technologies work together to produce impressive images. A powerful 16MP sensor in combination with the TruePic™ VIII image processor — also used in our professional cameras — produces bright, clear images with razor sharpness and vibrant color.


      Track and capture any subject. You can reel off 4.8 high resolution frames per second in Continuous AF Mode and up to 8.6 frames per second in Single AF Mode.


      The E-PL10 is an interchangeable lens camera that works with our world-class M.Zuiko lenses. Compact, lightweight and easy to carry our lenses are known around the globe for delivering exceptional image quality. You’ll have a wide range of standard and prime lenses from fisheye, macro, telephoto and others to help you capture any and all kinds of shots. As your interest in photography grows, we’ll have a lens for you.


      Live Guide Mode gives you more control over the way your photo looks. Just touch the screen to change color saturation, adjust brightness, blur the background and more. An on-screen slider bar offers precision control — you decide how much or little of the effect you want. Plus, Live Guide Mode offers easy-to-understand shooting tips to help you capture the most challenging shots.


      If you like shooting long exposure shots like starscapes, traffic tails, fireworks and lightning, you’ll love using Live Composite Mode. It takes a series of shots continuously with the same exposure time, then combines them into one stunning image. All without worrying about overexposure. You’ll capture picture perfect images every time.


      Easily capture stunning horizontal and vertical panoramic shots either in standard or full 360° formats. An on-screen arrow indicates the direction you need to pan for naturally connected images that create one incredible shot.



      If you’re tired of blurry photos or jumpy video, our powerful in-body 3-Axis Image Stabilization gives you sharp, clear images in any shooting situation.


        Our powerful in-body image stabilization system lets you capture super sharp photos and smooth 4K video using only your hands.


        No one likes watching shaky video. Turn on our powerful in-body Image Stabilization system to capture smooth ultra-high definition 4K video.


        Our In-Movie Image Capture Mode lets you easily extract a high resolution 8MP still from 4K video.


      To get sharp, bright shots in low light or when using a telephoto lens, you need a tripod or other gear to steady the camera. Our in-camera 3-Axis Image Stabilization system changes all that. No matter where or what you’re shooting, you’ll capture spectacular stills and smooth video.


      When you have effective, powerful in-body Image Stabilization, you’ll capture video that looks amazing. No shakiness. Easy to watch. Sharp contrasts. Vibrant colors. How? Our in-camera stabilization system frees you to shoot handheld, so you’ll always get smooth results, even in low light.


      If you’re shooting 4K video and see an image that would make a great still, just take it out of the movie. The E-PL10’s In-Movie Capture Mode lets you grab an 8MP still. It’s as easy as pressing a button and you’ll love the excellent image quality.



      Start sharing more. The E-PL10 is equipped with everything you need to share your best photos and video to your favorite social sites.


        Strong, in-body Wi-Fi connects the E-PL10 to your smart device lets you share stills and video anytime, anywhere and operate the camera remotely.


        Built-in Bluetooth facilitates quick and easy image transfer from the E-PL10 to your smart device.


        When you have a camera that takes incredible photos and video, it’s only natural to want to share more with friends, family and followers.


      Use the camera’s in-body Wi-Fi to establish a strong, stable connection to your smartphone or tablet. When you download the free OM Image Share app, you’ll be able to instantly transfer photos and video to your smart device and share them with family, friends and your favorite social sites. You can also use the Wi-Fi connection and the app to remotely control the E-PL10 and opening up new ways of composing and shooting.


      Our combination of built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the free OI.Share app is everything you need to connect the E-PL10 to your smartphone. Using low-energy Bluetooth, the camera can stay in standby, then be turned on from your smartphone to view at photos and watch video.


      They aren’t simply great-looking photos and video. They’re a way to connect with family and friends and keep your followers coming back for more. That’s why we made it so simple, easy and quick to share and post with the E-PL10. Just download our free OI.Share app to your smart device and you’ll be able to wirelessly transfer photos and video to your phone or tablet.


      Remote shooting opens creative possibilities. With your smart device and our free OI.Share app, taking control is easy. Use the remote capabilities to find interesting new ways to compose your shots and comes in handy when you want to join in on the picture.

    Bundle & Save
    PEN E-PL10 + M.ZUIKO 14-42MM EZ LENS
    The ultra-compact M.Zuiko lens perfectly complements the E-PL10's style and size.



    Tech specs

    Because the details matter

    Key Specs

    1. Sensor Effective Resolution / Type
      16.1 Megapixel Live MOS
    2. Processor
      TruPic™ VIII
    3. Focusing System
      Contrast Detection with 121 Focus Points
    4. Image Stabilization System
      In-Body 3-Axis Image Stabilization
    5. Rear Monitor
      3.0" 180° Tilting Touch LCD
    6. Creative Features
      Live Composite, Selfie Mode, Selfie Video Mode, Video Clips Mode, Advanced Photo (AP) Mode
    7. Sequential Shooting Speed
      8.6 fps [H Mode], 4.8 fps [L Mode] Mechanical Shutter
    8. Special Features
      Easy image sharing via Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi and Olympus Image Share App; Built-in pop-up flash
    camera spec diagram

    Sensor / Dust Reduction

    1. Sensor Type
      4/3” Live MOS Sensor
    2. Effective Pixels
      16.1 million
    3. Total Pixels
      17.2 million
    4. Filter Array
      Primary color filter (RGB)
    5. Aspect Ratio & Area
      4:3 / 17.4 x 13.0mm
    6. Dust Reduction
      Super Sonic Wave Filter


    1. Processor Type
      Olympus TruePic™ VIII

    Focusing System

    1. AF System Type
      High-speed imager AF (Contrast detection)
    2. Focus Modes
      Single AF (S-AF) / Continuous AF (C-AF) / Manual Focus (MF) / S-AF + MF / AF Tracking (C-AF + TR)*

      * When a Four Thirds lens is attached, only S-AF (Single Target) or MF for video are available.
    3. Full Time AF
      Full Time AF
    4. Magnified Frame
      Enlarged view check by magnify button
      Magnification 5x, 7x, 10x (Default), 14x
    5. Face Detection AF / Eye Priority AF
      Available / Available
      Eye Detection AF mode: Off / Nearer-eye priority / Right-eye priority / Left-eye priority
    6. Focusing Points / Focusing Points Selection Mode
      121-point contrast detection AF
      All target, group target (9-area), single target (standard target size / small target size)
    7. AF Illuminator
    8. Manual Focus Assist
      Focus ring rotation activates Live View image magnification and/or focus peaking when in S-AF+MF or MF mode
    9. Peaking Function
      Activate with Fn button or focus ring
      Change peaking settings using the Info button
      Color selection: white or black

    Image Stabilization

    1. System Type
      Built-in 3-axis sensor-shift image stabilization for video and still photos
    2. Stabilization Performance
      3.5 EV steps*
      When using M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ
      Focal length = 42mm (35mm equivalent: 84mm)
      *Conforms to CIPA standards. When dual-axis vibration is applied (Yaw / Pitch).
    3. Image Stabilization Mode
      1 mode (S-IS On), Off
    4. Live View Image Stabilization
      Available (Activate with half-pressing shutter button or enlarging view)
    5. Focal Length Setting
      Available (1 setting)
      *When a lens without electrical contacts is attached, focal length can be set from 0.1 - 1,000 mm (by 0.1 mm step).
    6. Lens IS Priority
      Not available
      *When a lens equipped with IS ON/OFF switch is attached and the switch is on, lens IS is prioritized.
        When lens IS is prioritized, body IS works as follows:
         ・When an Olympus lens is attached: Roll compensation
         ・When a non-Olympus lens is attached: The IS is off.

    Shutter / Sequential Shooting

    1. Shutter Type
      Computerized focal-plane, high-speed, mechanical shutter
    2. Shutter Speed
      1/4000 - 60 sec. (1/3, 1/2, or 1 EV steps selectable)
      Bulb/Time: default setting 8min. (1/2/4/8/15/20/25/30 min. selectable)
      Electronic first curtain shutter1: 1/320 - 60 sec.

      1. When Anti-Shock Mode is set to 0 sec.
    3. Sequential Shooting Maximum Speed
      [Sequential shooting H mode] approx. 8.6 fps
      [Sequential shooting L mode] approx. 4.8 fps
      [Anti-shock sequential shooting H mode] approx. 4.3 fps
      [Silent sequential shooting H mode] approx.. 14.1 fps
      [Silent sequential shooting L mode] approx. 6.1 fps

      *Lens: M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ
      (Sequential shooting L mode: 12-40mm F2.8 PRO when in C-AF mode)
      *Actual sequential shooting speeds may be slower depending on shooting conditions including lens used, brightness, aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, and exposure compensation.
    4. Max. Recordable Pictures in Sequential Shooting
      〔RAW〕: Approx. 14 frames (in sequential shooting L mode and at 4.8 fps), approx. 13 frames (in sequential shooting H mode and at 8.6 fps)
      〔JPEG: LF〕: Approx. 220 frames (in sequential shooting L mode and at 4.8 fps), approx. 21 frames (in sequential shooting H mode and at 8.6 fps)

      *When using the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ.
       *With Toshiba EXCERIA PRO™ SDHC UHS-I memory card 32GB.
      Based on Olympus measurement conditions.
      *Sequential shooting speeds may be slower from the middle depending on shooting conditions.
    5. Self Timer
      Operation time: 12 sec., 2 sec., custom (Wait time: 1-30sec., Shot interval: 0.5/1/2/3sec., Number of shots: 1-10)
    6. Anti-Shock Mode
      Electronic first curtain shutter / 1/320 - 60 sec (For speeds over 1/320 sec., mechanical shutter will automatically be selected when shutter start delay is set to 0 sec.)

      Shutter Start Delay 0, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30 sec

    Silent Mode

    1. Shutter Type / Shutter Speed
      Available in P, A, S, M, ART modes.
      Available as Silent in SCN and AP modes.
      Electronic shutter: 1/16000 - 60 sec.
    2. Shutter Start Delay
      0 sec
    3. Silent Mode Settings
      Available in P, A, S, M, ART modes. (Settings for sound, AF illuminator, and flash can be set to On / Off separately. Default setting is Off.)
      Available as Silent in SCN and AP modes. (Sound: Off, AF illuminator: Off, Flash: Off)


    1. Rear Monitor Type
      3.0” tilting touch monitor
      Approx 1037k dots (3:2) electrostatic capacitance touch screen
    2. Rear Monitor Size
      3.0” / 7.6 cm
    3. Touch Control
      Touch Shutter, Touch AF (AF area selection, AF area size adjustment), frame forward/backward, magnified playback, Live Guide, Super Control Panel, New Art Filter mode selection, New scene mode selection,
      Wi-Fi connection, Movie controls, movie effect, movie teleconverter

      *When in Selfie Mode: Shutter release, e-Portrait, Custom self-timer, Movie, Exposure compensation, Preview
    4. Tilting Capability
      Upward tilting angle: up to 80 degrees Downward tilting angle: up to 180 degrees
      *mirror display when monitor is in selfie position
    5. Brightness / Color Temp Control (Rear Monitor)
      ±7 levels / ±7 levels
    6. Color Tone Select
      Vivid / Natural
    7. Live View
      Approx. 100% field of view,
      Exposure compensation preview, WB adjustment preview,
      Gradation auto preview, Face detection preview (up to 8 faces),
      Grid line, Histogram, Magnification display (x5/x7/x10/x14), Normal, Highlight & Shadow, Level Gauge, Off
    8. Preview
      Available (Preview function can be assigned to the Fn buttons etc.)
    9. Live View Boost
      Off: Exposure compensation is reflected.
      On: An image is displayed with brightness which is easy to see.
    10. Field of View
      Approx. 100%
    11. Display Mode
      Normal Mode, Histogram Mode, Level gauge, Highlight and shadow, Off
    12. Monitor Information
      Aperture value, Shutter speed, Auto Bracket, AE Lock, AF mode, IS, Shooting Mode, Battery Check, Myset, Internal Temperature Warning, Face / Eye Detection, Histogram, Number of storable still pictures, Record mode, ISO, Sequential shooting, Self-timer, White Balance, Metering Mode, AF confirmation mark, Exposure Compensation Value, Spot metering Area Flash Mode, Flash Status, Flash intensity Control, Super FP, Focal length, Tone control, Eye-Fi condition, Digital teleconverter, Battery check
    13. Display of Face Detection
      Max. 8 frames of face detection can be displayed

    Exposure Control / Flash

    1. Metering System
      Digital ESP metering (324-area multi pattern metering), Center weighted average metering, Spot metering, Spot metering with highlight control, Spot metering with shadow control
      (TTL Image sensor metering)
    2. Metering Range
      EV -2 - 20 (at normal temperature, 17mm f2.8, ISO 100)
    3. Exposure Mode
      Auto (Live Guide can be used), P: Program AE (program shift can be performed), A: Aperture Priority AE, S: Shutter Priority AE, M: Manual (Live Bulb, Live Time and Live Composite are available), Scene Select AE, Advanced Photo AE, Art Filter
    4. Scene Select AE
      [Advanced Photo]
      Live Composite, Live Time, Multiple Exposure, HDR Backlight1, Silent, Panorama, Keystone Compensation, AE Bracketing, Focus Bracketing

      Portrait, e-Portrait, Landscape + Portrait, Night + Portrait, Children, Night scene, Hand-held Starlight2, Fireworks, Light trails, Sport, Panning, Landscape, Sunset, Beach & Snow, Backlight HDR1, Panorama, Candlelight, Silent, Macro, Nature Macro, Documents, Multi Focus Shot

      1. 4 images automatically shot and combined into a single image composite
      2. 8 images automatically shot and combined into a single image composite
    5. ISO Sensitivity
      Auto: ISO LOW (approx. 100) - 25600 (customizable, default ISO LOW - 1600)
      Manual: ISO LOW (approx. 100) - 25600 in 1/3 or 1 EV ISO steps
    6. Exposure Compensation
      Still photo ±5 EV, movie ± 3 EV in 1/3, 1/2, 1 EV steps selectable *HDR shooting, monitor and EVF displays only up to ±3 EV
    7. AE Lock
      Locks with half-press of the shutter button or with press of the Fn button (after assigning AEL/AFL to the Fn button).
    8. Flash Intensity Control Method
      TTL Auto, Auto*, Manual, Super FP*(FP-TTL AUTO, FP-MANUAL)
      * Available on external flash
    9. Built-in Flash
      TTL Flash, GN=5.4 (ISO100•m) / GN= 7.6 (ISO200•m)
    10. Flash Mode
      Redeye, Slow Sync. (1st curtain), Slow Sync. (2nd curtain), Red-eye Slow Sync. (1st curtain), Fill-in, Manual (1/1 (FULL) ~ 1/64), Flash Off.
    11. Flash Intensity Control
      Up to ±3 EV in 1/3, 1/2, 1 EV steps selectable
    12. Compatible External Flash
      FL-50R, FL-36R, FL-20, FL-14, FL-300R, FL-600R, FL-900R, STF-8, FL-700WR
    13. Compatible Wireless External Flash
      FL-50R , FL-36R, FL-300R, FL-600R, FL-900R, FL-700WR
    14. Wireless Flash Control Method
      Olympus Wireless RC Flash system (light-triggered)
      Commander flash: FL-900R, FL-600R,STF-8, FL-700WR, Built-in flash
    15. Channel
      4 channels
    16. Group No.
      4 groups (3 groups of external flash + commander flash)
    17. Wireless RC System
      Compatible with Olympus Wireless RC Flash system

    Memory / Image Recording (File Format)

    1. Compatible Memory
      SD Memory Card (SDHC, SDXC, UHS-I/II compatible, Eye-Fi Card compatible*) *Not compatible with Endless Memory
    2. Recording Format
      DCF 2.0, Exif 2.3
    3. File Format
      RAW (12-bit lossless compression), JPEG, RAW+JPEG, MPO (3D still)
    4. Recording Image Size
      [RAW] 4608 x 3456 pixels
      [JPEG] 4608 x 3456 pixels - 640 x 480 pixels

    White Balance / Color Mode

    1. White Balance Mode
      Auto WB, 6 Preset WBs, 4 Capture WBs, Custom WB(Kelvin setting)
    2. Color Mode
      sRGB, Adobe RGB

    Bracketing / HDR

    1. Exposure Bracketing
      Available as AE Bracketing in Advanced Photo mode.
      3 frames in 1.0 EV steps, 5 frames in 0.7 EV steps.
    2. Focus Bracketing
      Available as Multi Focus Shot in Scene mode and Focus Bracketing in Advanced Photo mode. Shoots 8 frames. (When in Advanced Photo mode, focus steps can be adjusted in 5 or 10 levels.)
      *Compatible with Micro Four Thirds lenses only.
    3. HDR (Auto Composite)
      Available as Backlight HDR in Scene mode and HDR in Advanced Photo mode.
      HDR1 (natural), HDR2 (painting-like)*
      Exposure compensation available*
      ISO sensitivity is fixed at 200, and the maximum shutter speed setting is 4 seconds.

      *Available only when in HDR shooting (AP mode).

    Creative Features

    1. Picture Mode
      i-Enhance, Vivid, Natural, Muted, Portrait, Monotone, Custom, e-Portrait, Color Creater, Art Filters
    2. Gradation
      Auto, Normal, High Key, Low Key (except Art Filters)
    3. Adjustment Parameter
      4 levels (Auto, Normal, High key, Low key)
    4. Filter Effect (B&W Filter)
      Neutral, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green for Monotone
    5. Picture Tone
      Neutral, Sepia, Blue, Purple, Green for Monotone
    6. Art Filter
      Sixteen in-camera Art Filters are enhanced by new filter variations, art effects and bracketing. You can use Art Filters in all shooting modes as well as filming 1080 HD movies.
    7. Art Filter Modes
      Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pale & Light Color, Light Tone, Grainy Film, Pin Hole, Diorama, Cross Process, Gentle Sepia, Dramatic Tone, Key Line, WaterColor, Vintage, Partial Color, Bleach Bypass, Instant Film
    8. Fine Tune Art Filters
      Pop Art I, Soft Focus
    9. Color Ring (for partial color)
      18 color selectable
    10. Live Bulb / Live Time
      Update Interval Time 0.5 sec – 60 sec
    11. Live Composite
      Update Interval Time / composite method 0.5 sec – 60 sec / Lighten Mode (Bright area prioritization)
    12. Interval Shooting
      1-999 frames, Interval time 1 sec - 24 hours, Time lapse movies
    13. Multiple Exposure (number of pictures / function)
      2 frames

    Video / Audio Recording

    1. Video Recording Format
      MOV (MPEG-4AVC/H.264), AVI (Motion JPEG)
    2. Movie Mode
      3840 x 2160 (4K) / 30p,25p,24p / IPB (approx. 102 Mbps)
      1920 x 1080 (FHD) / 30p, 25p, 24p / IPB (SF, F, N)
      1920 x 1080 (FHD) / 60p, 50p / IPB (SF, F, N)
      1280 x 720 (HD) / 30p, 25p, 24p / IPB (SF, F, N)

      60p: 59.94 fps, 50p: 50.00 fps, 30p: 29.97 fps, 25p: 25.00 fps, 24p: 23.98 fps
      FHD IPB (SF: SuperFine / approx. 52 Mbps, F: Fine / aprox. 30 Mbps, N: Normal / approx. 18 Mbps)
      HD IPB(SF: SuperFine / approx. 26Mbps, F: Fine / approx. 14Mbps, N: Normal / approx. 10Mbps)

      * Frame rates may drop when particular Art Filters and Movie Effects are used.
      * Class 10 or higher SD card is recommended for shooting video.
      * UHS-I U3 card is recommended for 4K shooting.
    3. Maximum Video Recording Time
      [MOV] Approx. 29min
    4. Art Filter Movie
      Available (All Art Filters*)
      *Frame rates may drop when using Art Filters and Movie Effects.
    5. Movie Effect
      One shot echo / Multi echo / Art fade / Old film
    6. One-touch Movie Tele-converter
      Approx. 4x (enlarges view of touched area)
      *Available in Movie Effects
    7. Timelapse Movie
      3840x2160 (4K) / 5fps
      1920x1080 (FHD) / 5fps, 10fps, 15fps
      1280x720 (HD) / 5fps, 10fps, 15fps, 30fps
    8. Clips
      1, 2, 4, 8 sec.
      (Further continued shooting possible up to 16 seconds by pressing video record button again)
    9. High speed movie
      120 fps (1280 x 720, MOV)
    10. IS for Movie
      M-IS1* (Image sensor shift and electronic image stabilizer with multi motion IS),
      M-IS2 (Image sensor shift with multi motion IS), Off
      *While using M-IS1, field of view may be affected.
    11. Grid Line / Focus Peaking
      Available (off, normal grid, golden grid, trichotomy, scale, diagonal) / Available (4 colours for focus peaking)
    12. Live View Output via HDMI
      Monitor Mode (outputs video and info display)
      *Video and info cannot be displayed on the camera and an output destination at the same time.
    13. AE Lock
    14. Video Exposure Control
      Program AE, aperture priority AE, shutter priority AE, manual
    15. Video File Size
      .MOV Format: Max 4GB
    16. Audio Recording Format
      Wave Format (Stereo linear PCM/16-bit, Sampling frequency 48kHz)
    17. Microphone / Speaker
      Stereo / Mono
    18. Microphone Function
      Wind noise reduction, recording volume (audio quality may be affected)
      Audio dubbing possible for still pictures (up to 30 sec.)


    1. Wi-Fi
      GPS Info.Function
      Via smartphone GPS data
      Image Share
      File Type: JPEG1, MOV
      Connect to up to 4 devices simultaneously. Marking function for image share.

      Easy Connection
      QR Code Setting
      Wireless Shooting
      Live View
      Rec View
      Wireless Touch AF shutter2
      Self Timer (w/Countdown guidance , Sequential shooting, Short movie recording capability)
      Wireless Release
      Power Off

      1. Excluding MPO file
      2. Selectable from iAuto / ART / PASM (Live Bulb, Live Time)
      Control settings for aperture, shutter speed, exposure, ISO sensitivity, white balance and Drive Mode.
    2. Wireless Shooting with Smartphone
      AUTO, SCN, ART, P, A, S, M (Live Bulb, Live Time, and Live Composite), and drive mode can be selected.
      Aperture, shutter speed, exposure, ISO sensitivity, white balance, and sequential shooting can be adjusted.
      *When in private connection.
    3. Live Guide
      Saturation, Color, Brightness, Background Blur, Expressing Motion, Shooting Tips
      (Multiple effects can be used simultaneously)
    4. Playback Mode
      Single-frame, information display, index display (4/9/25/100 frames), Clips, calendar, enlargement (2x -14x), video (with sound, FF/REW/Pause,Touch operation), picture rotation (auto), slideshow (with sound and music), alternate music options, dubbed audio playback
    5. Information Display
      Histogram (independent luminance / RGB available), Highlight/Shadow point warning, AF frame, Photographic information, OFF
    6. Editing Function
      RAW data edit, Gradation auto, Monochrome, Sepia, Red-eye fix, Saturation, Resize (1280x960, 640x480, 320x240), Trimming, Aspect, e-Portrait, Image Overlay, Post recording
    7. RAW Image Editing Functions
      RAW data edit based on settings of the camera (including e-Portrait, Color Creator, Art Filter, ART-BKT).
      Preview capability.
    8. Menu Languages (34 selectable)
      English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Croat, Slovenian, Hungarian, Greek, Slovakian, Turkish, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Rumanian, Indonesian, Malay, Thai
    9. Dial Customization
      Available (Dial Function)
    10. Button Customization
      Available (Up to 12 functions can be assigned to buttons)
      *Including Off.
    11. Copyright Settings / Lens Info Settings
      Available / Not Available

    Connectivity / Power Requirements

    1. USB / AV / Remote Controller Connector
      USB Micro-B
    2. HDMI Connector
      Micro HDMI (Type-D) HDMI
    3. Flash Attachment
      Hot shoe
    4. Wireless LAN
      Built-in (IEEE 8.02.1b/g/n)
    5. Bluetooth
      Built-in (Bluetooth Ver. 4.0)
    6. Battery
      BLS-50 Li-ion battery (included)
    7. Number of Recordable Pictures
      Approx. 350 shots
    8. Battery Life for Movie Recording
      Approx. 80 min. (based on JEIA standards)
      Approx. 140 min. (when zoom and other operating functions are not used)

        When repeatedly recording at the maximum time of 29 min. with a fully charged battery and at ordinary temperature of approx.. 23℃.
        *May vary depending on recording conditions including temperature, movie quality
        Lens used: M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ
        When recording 4K

    Weights & Dimensions / Operating Environment / Box Contents

    1. Weight
      Approx. 380g (with BLS-50 battery and Memory card, based on CIPA standards)
      Approx. 332g (body only)
    2. Dimensions
      117.1mm (W) X 68mm (H) X 39mm (D)
    3. Operating Temperature Range
      0 ~ +40°C (operation) / -20 ~ +60°C (storage)
      +32 ~ +104°F (operation) / -4 ~ +140°F (storage)
    4. Operating Humidity Range
      30 - 90% (operation) / 10 - 90% (storage)
    5. Box Contents
      Body, USB cable, shoulder strap, instruction manual, warranty card, BLS-50 Li-ion battery , BCS-5 Li-ion battery charger
    6. Measured values shown conform to CIPA testing standards. Measured values not listed in CIPA testing standards are based on Olympus testing methods.
      Measured using a Toshiba SDHC UHS-I card and M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ.

    M.ZUIKO 17MM F1.8


    17mm lens



    camera with leather accessories


    Extend the life of your PEN and have some fun too. Find a full range of accessory port add-ons, flashes, cases and straps.




    leather camera cap



    leather body case
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