Charging the Battery

Connect the USB cable to the Olympus Air, and charge using a USB port. Make sure the Olympus Air is off while charging.

While charging, the Olympus Air LED lamp will light up orange.

The LED map turns off when charging is complete.


Inserting the MicroSD Card

Lift up the circled area of the Olympus Air rear cover.

With the terminal face of the microSD card towards the outside of the Olympus Air, insert and push until it clicks into place. To remove the card, push the card to click it out of place, and slowly pull it out.

Attach the rear cover in accordance with the position of the hole.


Attaching Lenses

Remove the lens cap.

Match the index of the auto open cap
with that of the lens, and attach it by turning to the right.

Remove the body cap of the Olympus Air and the lens rear cap.

Match the red mounting mark of the lens to the red lens alignment mark of the Olympus Air, and insert the lens into the Olympus Air.

Turn the lens to the right until it clicks into place. Lens may extend if electronic zoom lens is attached.

To release the lens, unscrew the lens to the left while pulling the removal lever of the Olympus Air.


Easy Connection

Download the OA Central for Olympus AIR application.


Turn WiFi and Bluetooth ON on your smart device.


Remove the back cover of the A01 to reveal the radio switch and turn to ON.


Open the OA Central for Olympus AIR application and click on "Start Initial Setup"


When prompted, Enter a Bluetooth name and password- save this information for future pairing with additional smart devices. The AIR A01 will automatically power on, and if you have an M.Zuiko ED 14-42mm f3.3-5.6 EZ lens attached, the lens will also automatically extend. Follow the prompts on the application to Scan the QR code and save the Wi-Fi profile to your phone. Certain smartphone devices will give you a warning about the profile not being signed, you can safely continue installation anyway.


After the initial set up is complete, simply launch the app, chose your desired shooting mode, and the AIR A01 will automatically turn on.


Attaching Your Mobile Device


Attach the hand strap to the Air Coupling

Align the mark of the Air Coupling to the mark of the Olympus Air.

Turn the Air Coupling to the right until it clicks into place.

To remove the Air Coupling, unscrew the Air Coupling to the left while pulling the removal lever of the Olympus Air.

Press the button of the Air Coupling to open it.

Adjust the switch as necessary depending on the size of your smartphone, and attach the smart phone to the Air Coupling. Do not try to attach a smart device that will not fit in the Air Coupling.

In order to prevent accidentally dropping your smartphone and Olympus Air, use of the hand strap is recommended.


Indicator Lights

LED Blinking Blue:

  1. Battery is low. Please charge.
  2. A video is recording.

LED Blinking Green:

  1. Olympus AIR is in sleep mode (energy saving mode) and will wake when operated.
    If the device is not operated for several minutes, Olympus AIR will automatically turn off.

LED Blinking Orange:

  1. MicroSD card is not inserted. Please insert microSD card.
  2. MicroSD card has a problem. Please insert a different microSD card.
  3. Card is write protected. Unlock the write protection.
  4. Number of shots remaining is zero. Change the card or delete unwanted images.
  5. Lens has an error. Turn off the camera and re-attach the lens.
  6. Camera temperature is high. Camera will turn off automatically.
    Please wait a few minutes for the internal temperature to drop
    to a level that permits shooting.