WCON-08X (.8X) Wide Conversion Lens

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WCON-08X (.8X) Wide Conversion Lens

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WCON-08X (.8X) Wide Conversion Lens

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Item #V321220BW000-U410-AF01

The WC0N-07F Wide Conversion lens decreases the magnification of your subject by 0.7x when your camera lens is set to the wide-angle position. This will help you include more in the picture when shooting skylines, group shots, or houses, just to name a few types of shooting situations.


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WCON-08X (.8X) Wide Conversion Lens


The WCON-08x Wide-Angle Conversion Lens for Stylus 1 enables a wider perspective than the cameras' fixed zoom lens offers. At the wide end of the cameras' zoom range this conversion lens provides a 35mm focal length equivalent of 22.4mm with a 91º angle of view. It is effective for landscape and cityscape photography in order to incorporate more of a scene into the frame as well as for more inclusive interior architecture shots and group shots. Mounted to the Stylus cameras it provides a minimum focus distance of 2" and no loss of light is created by using this conversion lens. The separately sold CLA-14 adapter is required to mount the conversion lens to the lens of the camera.

The following models require the CLA-14: Stylus 1

Note: Wide angle lenses extend the camera's wide-angle range. This lens is not intended for use at telephoto zoom settings. Additionally, use of the camera's built-in flash with this lens attachment is not recommended. We recommend use of your camera's LCD to aid in composing the image.

Item #V321220BW000
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