PT-EP14 Underwater Housing for E-M1 Mark II

5.0 Stars

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PT-EP14 Underwater Housing for E-M1 Mark II

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PT-EP14 Underwater Housing for E-M1 Mark II
5.0 Stars

Availability: In stock

Item #V6300660U000-U410-AF01

Olympus underwater housing PT-EP14 for the E-M1 Mark II, made of high quality polycarbonate and allows full camera control down to 196 feet. Features an exchangeable lens port system allowing you to customize to your diving needs.


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PT-EP14 Underwater Housing for E-M1 Mark II


Designed for the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, this compact underwater housing provides water depth resistance up to 60 meters. The housing provides a clear view of the camera's LCD monitor and is designed to be easy to hold and control. The PPO-EP03 Macro Lens Port (sold separately) provides compatibility with the M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm f2.8 Macro lens and M.Zuiko Digital ED 30mm f3.5 Macro lens.

The underwater housing PT-EP14 houses and protects your E-M1 Mark II made of high quality polycarbonate keeping the weight to a minimum and allowing full control of all camera functions down to 196 feet.

Featuring an exchangeable lens port system allowing you to customize to your diving needs. View our system chart for compatible lenses and accessories.

For a detailed compatibility overview, please refer to our Underwater Case System Chart which gives you a complete picture of all possible accessories and adapter requirements. Please note the extra photos show other accessories that are available for purchase as shown below.

Item number: V6300660U000

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September 2, 2017 by Scott
Huge Step Forward For Olympus Pro Underwater Housings
While the PT-EP14 housing is familiar to those who already have used Olympus underwater housings a key feature is an optic which sits behind the camera's viewfinder. The optic enables the user to see all of the viewfinder, even while wearing a scuba mask. Older housings without this optic forced the user to move their eye around to see the corners of the image. This feature is a big plus. Overall the positioning of the controls, along with the flexibility of the camera control programmatically, translates to being able to put functions right where they are convenient to access underwater. That said the one control which disappoints is the external control that couples to the lens gear (e.g. focus or more likely zoom). It is on the front of the housing, not the side, making access less than optimal. With the 14-40mm f2.8 pro in this housing, along with the appropriate port, the E-M1 mk II yields amazing images. Notable is that when the lens with focus gear is removed from the housing, the focus gear hangs up on the port opening given the huge size of the lens with gear. This isn't a show stopper, but you have to wiggle the body somewhat to extract the camera from the housing.
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