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Protect and extend the functions of your Olympus lenses using a wide variety of lens accessories. Choose lens caps, adaptors, converters, lens hoods and more.
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  1. Remove This Item Compatible Products: 11-22mm F2.8-3.5
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    Lens Case LSC-1120 will fit various m.Zuiko Digital Lenses

    Item # V602031BW000

    Earn 37 points
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    Lens Case LSC-0914 will fit various m.Zuiko Digital Lenses

    Item # V602033BW000

    Earn 32 points
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  3. 260002-410 Thumbnail
    LR-1 rear lens cap for any of the original E-System Zuiko D-SLR lenses. This will not work with the micro four thirds system. Those lenses use the LR-2.

    Item #260002
    Earn 8 points
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    Fits various m.Zuiko Digital Lenses.

    Item # V602034BW000

    Earn 27 points
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4 Item(s)

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