EE-1 Dot Sight

3.9 Stars

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EE-1 Dot Sight

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EE-1 Dot Sight
3.9 Stars
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Availability: In stock

Item #V329200BW000-U410-AF01

Dustproof and splashproof dot sight. Perfect for super telephoto shots of wildlife. Can be used if hot shoe available. Slide lever style opening mechanism. Reticle brightness and position can be adjusted. Compatible with E-M5 Mark II camera body and Stylus 1.

EE-1 Dot Sight


This externally-mounted dot sight is perfect for super-telephoto photography of wild birds. This accessory assists in framing when photographing far-away subjects. The brightness and position of the reticle can be adjusted. Because it is powered by a coin-type battery, it can be used when attached to the hot shoe or cold shoe.


  • Dustproof and splashproof dot sight.
  • Compatible with any camera with a hot/cold shoe mount.
  • Slide lever style opening mechanism.
  • Reticle brightness and position can be adjusted.
  • Perfect for super telephoto shots of wildlife.

Item # V329200BW000
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July 30, 2017 by Samuel
An eexcellent product that increases accuracy and the overall quality of photography.
With Dot Sight technology my photography is enhanced substantially because it uses pinpoint accuracy on the subject before a photograph is taken so that the subject field is in range and on target. This is very important when taking photogtaphs of distant objects such as flying jets , fast cars, aircraft, distant buildings etc. Dot sight technology increases the photographic accuracy and quality of the image.
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March 22, 2017 by Hilda
I took a picture that looks from the NASA instead of me!
I have a SP 100 dot sight. I took a pic of the moon from a moving cruise departing from Italy... I wish you could see it! This is a very nice addition to your equipment.
September 16, 2016 by Tucson Jim
Really helps tracking birds in flight.
Trying to track a bird in flight and keep it in the frame when zoomed out to 300mm is extremely difficult, but with the EE-1 Dot Sight it is much easier to do so and I can keep both eyes to boot. As mentioned in other reviews, it is easy to set up and center the dot using two thumb wheels. ( One for up & down and one for right to left.) I also appreciate the thumb wheel that allows you to tighten it in the hot shoe. It is a valuable feature. I once lost a very expensive GPS logger because a slight bump knocked it out of the hot shoe. Although the outside is made of plastic, the side struts and the base they are connected to inside the unit are metal. It actually has a pretty solid feel to it, especially when closed. Just be sure to close it down before putting it in your camera bag or pocket. The only reason I didn't rate it five stars is that if I try to use it while wearing glasses, sometime the lens of my glasses rub against the top portion of the case and knock the dot off center. Same if you wear a hat.
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