In 2017, Maru/Matchbox reported that 69 percent of millennials take at least one photo (or video) of their meal before eating it. That’s a lot of craving-inducing content floating around social media. So how does one add diversity to their foodie-filled Insta-feed?

From taking flat lay shots to tossing food in the air, new styling trends are always surfacing on Instagram, but recently food action photography has been making an appearance. Before you dive into your next meal, consider applying one of these action shot tactics to your portfolio.


Another way to evoke the feeling of anticipation or longing for a dish is to draw out the motion you intend to capture. For example, a detailed snap of a delectable sauce being poured over an entrée is a great opportunity to highlight textures and add dimension to your image.

To do this, use a faster shutter speed to freeze the motion and widen your aperture to create more separation between your subject and the background.

Shot by Olympus User Gallery Contributor Jia Guo with an Olympus OM-D Camera | M.Zuiko 25mm F1.2 PRO Lens | 1/200 sec | F2.8 | ISO200


Dimension and depth of field go hand-in-hand. A shot of melty cheese being stretched from pizza (or in this case, mac n cheese) in front of the rest of the table that’s slightly out of focus makes the photo feel more real. To accomplish this, use a wider aperture setting (F1-4) to create shallow depth of field, isolating the cheese being stretched.

Shot by Jen Shin with an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Camera | M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8 Lens | 1/8 sec | F2.2 | ISOLOW

To add diversity to your foodie-filled Insta-feed, try photographing multiple meals throughout the day. The time of day affects the kind of food you eat, the light it’s shot in, and the environment in which you enjoy it.

Knowing these basics will help you to capture the shot – no matter what you eat or where you eat it.