November 24, 2019 Par Juanita
Nice little camera
I just got this camera and I have not had much of an opportunity to use it yet, but I love the size and the features that are on this little camera. It will be great for our trip to the Canadian Rockies next summer. So excited to make good use of it.
November 9, 2019 Par Naked Bird Art
A great point and shoot inexpensice camera
I had the TG-5 previously and it lasted almost 2 years! This is good for me because I am really hard on cameras. This inexpensive point and shoot camera takes great images and video. I am very happy with the quality. As mentioned, its a great inexpensive point and shoot camera. The one problem I have always had is when the camera in in my pocket. When I pull it out, I seem to get my fingerprint on the lens because there I no lens protector! You dont notice your finger print on the lens until you are viewing the images. I have also noticed water drops stick to the lens when shooting in wet environments. a type of waterproof coating would be welcomed. I must mention that's I am a Sony user and they no longer make a waterproof camera, which is why I use the TG-6. On the TG-5, I always had issues with transferring the camera images to my phone, but on the TG-6, it appears to be corrected now. I have only shot a few images so far, but overall it seems as nice as the TG-5 was for quality. Its small and very easy to carry in your pocket. I try to have this with me most of the time because a phone image is simply not worth taking.
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September 12, 2019 Par Kendy
A good travel camera
The TG-6 is a tough camera as I accidentally dropped it twice from around 3 feet height. It survives. Also, I like its macro functionality and the pictures turn out very good. In addition, the camera is good for travelers to capture landscape pictures in wet weather.
August 15, 2019 Par Tom
The TG-6 is a high quality camera for its class.
The TG-6 body construction is solid and the controls are easy to manipulate unless one has large hands. Menus are numerous, and could be a bit more intuitive. Picture quality is great, as expected. Concerning charging, batteries, etc.,. No charger is included with this camera considering the relatively high price compared to others in its class. Olympus included a charging cord for the purpose of charging the battery while it is still in the camera. Not a very practical option for most people, that like to shoot photos and video. Overall, I am very satisfied with quality and performance of the TG-6 even though I have not used it underwater yet. I would have awarded it 5 stars if it had a charger and lens cap included in the box.
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