December 24, 2019 Par Micah
Robust. Reliable. Resilient
Insanely resilient little camera here. I grew tired of gopros and the like for underwater photography and wanted something a little more robust and this camera has by far exceeded my expectations.
December 21, 2019 Par Luis
Great all around point and shoot
Just picked this up to replace my TG-4. I am very impressed by the change of feel of the body. The features have been updated very nicely. The macro abilities are outstanding. The ability to shoot 4k and slo-mo is a great add on. I am just relearning the device. If my older camera had not been stolen, I would not of known how well made the TG-6 was made. Great bargain during this sale.
December 5, 2019 Par Gus
Amazing pocket ROCKET of a camera!
I purchased the original TG-1 when it debuted and was thrilled with it’s ruggedness, capabilities and small size that was perfect for hiking and anywhere my travels took me. I brought the TG-5 last year, and just got the TG-6 for our upcoming Yosemite trip.
October 29, 2019 Par Geoff
Top notch camera for an active outdoor and indoor lifestyle
Great durable weather resistant and waterproof camera that provides me the sense of security when I am participating in water sports such as Flyfishing and Winter sports with temperature extremes. There’s is also a great selection of accessories.
October 16, 2019 Par MikeB
Easy setup and menu options. Tired of caring a heavy Digital camera on long hikes. Need a tough, waterproof, light weight camera. This seems to fit the bill.
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