March 26, 2020 Par JackPine22
TG6 well worth upgrade from TG4
I owned and had 3 years of use of a TG4 with Olympus Underwater Housing for research purposes. I wanted a backup, so I got the TG6 plus housing (so I use the TG4 system as backup). Absolutely glad I did. Much improved image quality (underwater use) over the TG4 (which was itself v. good), battery life with the new system is spectacular; typically I was out for 2 hours at a time and the battery never ran out. I also like the external on/off switch for GPS and the TG6 GPS seems to be more accurate than the GPS on the TG4.
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March 15, 2020 Par Courteny
It's great
I love that I can take this to the lake or the river, hand it to the kids, or just throw it into my bag and it won't bother it at all. The picture quality is good and I don't have to be nearly as careful about what happens to it as I do with my other cameras. I love it, definitely worth the investment.
February 14, 2020 Par Sergei
Loaded with tons of helpful and amazing features. Rock solid built.
I had most of all Tough TG series due to exceptional quality, easy way of using abs features. I had tried Nikon similar series but went back to Olympus mostly due to ergonomic design and camera features.
February 11, 2020 Par Michael or Pipefittermike
Awesome Camera, Even with 4k video time limit
I previously owned the TG-4 camera and wanted to upgrade to get the 4k video option and the new focus and underwater features. I think the improvements on the TG-6 are worth the upgrade, however i was disappointed to discover that while recording in 4k 30p you have a time limit that the camera can record before it stops, the bigger the SD card you have, the longer it records....for instance i used a 256gb SD card and when empty the length i could film was for 5:26 secs, and as the card fills up it gets shorter. It wouldn't be bad if the camera would just start recording again, but it doesn't, you have to push the record button again to continue, it should be automatic and continue to record! just like my 4k osmo pocket camera. Hopefully it will be in a camera update! I had to keep turning it on when i was recording Manta Rays in Hawaii, and missed all the in between videos when the camera had gone off and i didn't know it... I did put the camera thru its paces though, spending 30 days is Hawaii and snorkeling with it every other day, it really is a great little camera.
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January 3, 2020 Par Brandi
Even better than I had hoped
I have been using strictly DSLR cameras in my last ten years of travel and was wary about switching to a non-DSLR camera as I start exploring underwater photography. The features and accessibility of the TG6 has blown me away, though. I purchased it mostly because I am interested in quality macro and I have not been disappointed!
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