February 16, 2019 Par D. K.
Awesome camera!
I use this camera for all of our vacations. As an amateur, its very easy to use and it has everything I really need. If you are just starting out, this is definitely the right camera for you!
January 11, 2019 Par JDF2000
OMD E-M1 Mark II Competes with the Top Expensive Cameras
We just returned from a 30 day cruise covering Alaska, Japan, South Korea and China. Plus a New Years Cruise to Hawaii. My pictures were spectacular. The OMD E-M1 Mrk II equals or better costing 2 to 3 times as much. I use 2 lenses for travel, the 12-40 F2.8 and the 75-300. When I make my travel videos, people are amazed with the colors and sharpness. Shooting speeds are so fast when needed they are incredible as well.
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January 10, 2019 Par George
This camera allows me to use the new and old Olympus digital zuiko lenses.
I have the EM1-MK1. I am using it with my old 4/3 lenses. 14-54mm, 50-200mm 30mm F1.4. The older lens are sharp and focus very fast with the EM1.
January 9, 2019 Par James
There is little left to wish for in a camera after buying this one
I bought my o-md em-1 mkII a few months ago. I spent four months reading reviews to make sure I didn’t spend lots of money and not get what I wanted. I had an old four-thirds Olympus that was an excellent camera so I didn’t have to buy a new camera I just wanted some of the new features like video, hdr and image stabilization. I kept reading that the learning curve was pretty steep but that you could pick up the camera, put it on Auto, and start taking pictures. I wasn’t afraid of the camera but I didn’t realize just how many new features are in this camera. For example, I put my four-thirds 50-200mm lens and MMF-3 adapter on my camera and starting shooting video. I was so easy and compatible I couldn’t believe it. Then I put on my micro four thirds lens and it worked fine for a while. Then it quit allowing me to switch from Manual Focus to S-AF. I tried all kinds of things but I just couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t do what I saw happen on a youtube video. Don’t tell anyone but I read the manual. It was a simple problem that I couldn’t find. I read a line in the manual that said I needed to make sure the clutch on the lens was not set to MF. You move the clutch ring on the lens in one direction and you can MF. The other direction lets you use all the AF types. So, I can have my focus set to S-AF then move the clutch and the camera goes to MF. It is amazingly useful and easy. I also had posted the question in the Q & A area of the Olympus site and someone had left an answer. I had found the answer on my own only because I was lucky. I have a long way to go to exploit all the camera’s features. I feel confident that it won’t be as difficult as some have said. I did buy a manual written for my camera. I will read that in a few weeks when I have more things I want to explore.
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September 6, 2018 Par Brian
ultimate adaptability
I upgraded to OMD em1 mkii from the OMD em10 mki about 12 months ago. Every day I learn something new about the camera features. It is an incredibly versatile camera. The sequential shooting and fast focusing becomes so addictive it becomes your default. The 2 card slots are great and saved me from embarrassment when I forgot to replace the sd card in the first slot but got all my images on the second slot. I would like to have battery charging built into the camera.
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