November 9, 2018 Par robert
Greal compact landscape lens.
I used bought this for landscape shots in Alaska and it did not disappoint. Small and compact this was one my go too lenses the entire trip. Easy focus, great color and sharp pictures...could not ask for more. I am by far not a professional photographer but with I found with just a little bit of practice prior to my trip the ease of using this particular lens. I would recommend this for your camera. I have a trip to Hawaii next year and I cannot wait to use it there as well.
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April 13, 2017 Par Adriana
Excellent sharpness. Beautiful rendition of color even in low light. You can even shoot environmental portraits with it. It's stayed on my camera body for over a month now. Will be investing soon in another prime lens primarily just to have the option to shoot photos from closer up with a flatter profile than is possible with a wide angle lens. The build quality of this lens is nothing short of incredible.If you shoot landscapes or architecture save up for this lens or find it refurbished like I did. It's a dream to work with.
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March 27, 2017 Par Craig
Sharp images, keep a backup lens handy
This lens possesses some superb glass, and I typically use it in Manual Focus mode. I have seldom seem such sharp images, even when enlarged to 60 inches (1.5m) wide. However, the lens seems fragile; I have had pieces just fall off of it in the field, and had to return it twice for maintenance in the first 6 months. It has been fine for over a year now.
November 18, 2016 Par Janet
Beautiful lens, lousy QC.
One of my favorite M43 lenses ever...BUT.... I bought this lens shortly after it came out, and immediately fell in love with how it renders images. I had it for three years, and then sold it when I changed systems. Two years later, I decided to get back into M43 and ordered another one. It was defective; soft throughout, and its output looked terrible. I exchanged it, and the second one had the old magic back....until I realized the entire left side was soft, even stopped down to f8. With great sadness I returned that one too. I still want to get a copy of this lens, but I really just want one that is as good as my original was, with even sharpness on both sides of the image, and that magical rendering that my first one had. However, after two tries and two defectives this time around, I'm not going to buy one again unless I can find a store that will let me compare them first in person.
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January 19, 2016 Par Simon
12mm f2.0
This lenses is perfect for landscape photography. I love the manual focus switching feature. It's a must have for landscape. f2.0 is awesome for low light. I am stunned by how fast this lenses when I took shot inside the woods. The contrast is very rich. Build quality is good. It's small but it generates great photo with excellent sharpness. I don't have to carry a big camera and just focus the energy to take the best shot. Highly recommended!
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