August 3, 2016 Par Nader
Compact and Versatile
This is the 2nd camera in line of 800 series I know of, like its predecessor the TG-860... which is a great waterproof choice with wide angle lense , wider than most other brands I tested. I love the flip ViewLCD perfect for selfies on a stick or extended
May 4, 2016 Par Randy
Solid camera for scenic shots, unstable video ;(
I had high expectations for this camera. I didn't want a GoPro and thought I could get an excellent camera for stills & video. Happy with the stills. Like the 21mm ultra wide lense. Sadly the stabilization for videos is quite poor. I'm a backpacker and like to shoot video while hiking on trail. The shake from this camera can be horrible and I've tried many different techniques to limit shake. I've had to resort to only using this camera for video from a tripod. I use my iPhone 6 for most videoing. Olympus, you could have a real winner here if you improve the shake and put the tripod terminal in the center vs off to a side.
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