October 16, 2020 Par Duane
Terrific 2nd camera - would be a great "only" as well!
I've been shooting Olympus OM-D's now for several years, currently the E-M1 Mk III. When I travel I often like to carry an even smaller camera for getting in & out of transportation, indoor spaces, city street scenes and architecture. I've used other brand small cameras, but always seem to find they don't fit my hands well, and then there's the completely different menu systems (love the Olympus SCP!) I finally decided to give the Pen-F a try, and it is a home run. Now I can share lenses (mostly I keep a 17mm f/1.8 or a 14-42mm zoom on it) and if I need the 12-40mm f2.8 Pro I can pop that on. The menu is very similar, and the super control panel is there with the push of a button. Now I want to experiment with just doing JPG shooting with the built in monochrome and other artistic options that are readily available on the front control. Let's not forget the outstanding Olympus IBIS which makes shooting at slower shutter speeds almost too easy. I wish it were weather sealed, but then none of my earlier small cameras had that feature either. I'm very pleased with the Pen-F, both in operation and with results. The fact that it's also a gorgeous instrument just to look at is just icing on the cake!
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June 29, 2020 Par Larry
Lightweight Perfection
I have long thought that I would like to have a simple, straight-forward digital camera that combines optical excellence with simplicity of operation, like my Olympus OM-2 did in a film camera. The Pen-F is that camera. It is lightweight, easy to handle, and because of its several easily used dials, easy to set up exactly as I want it. As a glasses wearer, I appreciate the level in the viewfinder and on the screen when composing my shots. No more “water running out of the ocean.” The Photographic results are outstanding and consistent, it is quiet (and in silent mode, even quieter!) and unobtrusive. The range of lenses is impressive, and that they can be used on the entire Pen- and OM-D lineup is great. I like it so much I bought a second for the time when they won’t be available anymore.
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May 29, 2020 Par Bruinsmallow
My First Real Camera
My name is Chris I am an Adobe Stock Premium contributor and one of the presidents of my University's Photographer club and I could not have done either without the abilities the PEN-F afford to me. In 2017, I was gifted the PEN-F. Having previously shot exclusively on the EP-1. I was so excited to try out this new and sleek camera. Here's my honest opinion, it is the perfect first camera for any hobbyists looking to go further into photography. It is petit and therefore easy to carry anywhere you go and without a lens it is even pocketable. I am an event photographer at my university, and most of the rooms in which events take place have an absolute dearth of light. This is no problem for the PEN-F and its 5-axis image stabilization which makes handheld shots at lower shutter speeds a no-brainer. That being said, the sensor is able to do a lot with a little light if combined with lenses like the 12-40 mm 2.8 pro or the 45 mm 1.8. I trust the camera to work at most ISOs from low to 1000. Finally the cropped sensor makes it easy to get closer to subjects than possible with a full frame camera. That being said, it has some annoyances. First, the creative mode dial, although it is a neat feature, it can be very inconvenient as it is easy to accidentally bump and turn on a color mode. Second, along the lines of annoying physical features, the on/off button is also very easy to bump and miss a shot. The last downside I can see, well, this could be my fault is the hot shoe not being reinforced and mine ended up breaking off crippling my ability to use a flash. The takeaways from this review should be that the PEN-F is brilliant for young photographers who want to go deeper and need more advanced functions. for a lower cost than a professional OMD. This is a camera that can be taken anywhere and is and is perfect for travel, and is a camera that performs extremely well in almost every setting that I have put it in from Yosemite, to latte art throw downs, to fashion shows, to equestrian competitions, from blizzards to macro, to dorm rooms and beyond. The problems are only annoyances and I definitely recommend this camera to photographers looking who need, like I did, their first real camera.
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March 10, 2020 Par R Keigher
A 21st Century Classic
I had the original half-frame Pen F film camera that I bought second hand and I loved it. I was a teenager and was inspired by F. Eugene Smith who used this camera as his work tool. My beloved Pen was stolen, but I am a proud owner of the Pen F digital. I love it and it is far more versatile than the original. Thanks, Olympus for this camera. I am sad to see that it's been discontinued, but I will this one is a keeper.
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January 22, 2020 Par Elaine
Retro Almost
Love the retro feel and look. Wish it was weather sealed. Wish the tripod mount was centered and not precariously placed at the edge of the camera so that it bumps into longer lenses. Fun to use, though the EVF can be a bit rough for those who wear eyeglasses. Love the IBIS, like the LCD artucating screen. It does come in handy at times. Wish the sensor was bigger as I'm used to APS-C and FF with more dynamic range, but the files print large enough for it not to matter most times. I don't know how Olympus will stay in the game if they don't either use bigger sensors or somehow pull more out of the MFT sensor. I gave 4 stars due to this and the other points mentioned. Still, I'm having fun using this camera and am glad I bought it before it become extinct. I wish Olympus would make a version II of this camera body. Make the AF faster and more accurate in low light, weather seal it, throw in 4K video, and then center the tripod mount for those of us who like to do landscapes or architectural interiors. Even with all of its shortcomings, this is a great camera and will print large prints. It's more than enough for most people, though everyone is chasing the almighty pixels, including me. At times I do need it, but for myself and my art, this is perfect. This camera is beautfiful and makes me want to go out and use it.
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