May 9, 2015 Par Jym
Be careful fragile
it's obviously necessary to have this and it comes with your lens. It makes changing lenses quick and easy but it's made out of plastic and breaks easily. I broke one because I left it on the lens and it got knocked over on the table. I broke another because it was cold outside and the thin plastic doesn't hold up well in the cold. My third one I take very good care of and it holds the lens in place very nicely.
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April 21, 2013 Par Dean
Lens cap included
The adapter fits and looks great. But, I haven't found anywhere where it says a lens cap is included with the adapter, So, I ordered a lens cap when I ordered my adapter. Now I have a "spare" lens cap. You should include a lens cap is provided in the description.
January 1, 2013 Par Gina
Love IT!
I LOVE this camera and the lenses! Perfect for any situation. Lightweight. Easy to carry. Best of all...fabulous pictures.
November 29, 2012 Par Rose
good quality
I read reviews from amazon on this and some of them said it was poor quality. I don't think it is. I could see if you constantly take the lenses off and on it could wear the threads. It is made of a hard plastic. It clips nicely on the the front of the camera. I suggest getting one for each lens if you get the tele-converter and fish eye. It is much easier to take the lens off if you take the adapter off with them still connected.
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