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Olympus carries a wide selection of accessories made specifically for Olympus products. To view accessories compatible with your camera, lens or voice recorder, please select your model in the "Compatible Products" menu found in the "Filter" menu.
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  1. DSS Player Standard R2 Dictation Module License
    The DSS Player Standard R2 has the ability to organize and archive dictation and transcription files for individual looking for a simple way to manage their files. This application is a single license installation designed for individual users. The Dictation Module features voice files download and allows direct recording to the PC. This software is NO longer supplied on CD , you are purchasing a paper certificate with a Barcode License number and a download link that will allow you to download the most recent revision of this software .

    A license key for DSS Player for Mac is also included on the certificate.

    View compatibility information for DSS Player Standard R2 and DSS Player for Mac here.

    Item #V4661710U000 (was 147486)

    The license certificate cannot be returned for refund.

    Please call support if you have any questions regarding this product before ordering.

    Please retain the License Certificate in a safe place for future use as a lost License Key certificates cannot be replaced.

    Single User License
    47,99 $
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1 Article (s)

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