February 27, 2016 by Hussein
Standard Charger for BLS-5 and BLS-50
A good battery charger, compatible with all voltages around the world, and small in size. The only thing I hate about this charger is that it is compatible with the BLS-5 and BLS-50 only, and cannot charge the similar battery, BLS-1. Although the BLS-1, BLS-5, and BLS-50 are compatible with my E-PM1 and E-M10, I now have to travel with two chargers as the BLS-1 can only be charged using the BCS-1, and the BLS-5 and BLS-50 can only be charged via the BCS-5.
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February 8, 2016 by P
time to improve
Olympus - you built a state the of arts camera! Yet your battery charger is antiquated like a dinosaur. WE the photographer want SMALL. Something small and precise that can be carried and be adaptable-to plug directly into the electrical socket. GET rid of the long cord. If the rating above had a minus -4 star you would get that rating! Let's get with it! Please let me know once you have one! PEACH in Alaska
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April 5, 2015 by Blake
Small camera, big charger.
This charger came with my E-M10 and as it turns out there is something Olympus makes that I'm not a fan of. Instead of having a charger with flip out prongs to insert into an outlet, this charger has a detachable and bulky cord. The power cord takes up way too much space in my camera bag and other then cost cutting there is no reason for this design.
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