May 10, 2019 by John
Significant Upgrade to the OM System
Prior to buying this camera I was using the OM EM1 MK II, of which I still own. The MKII was a remarkable piece of engineering. Ergonomics were greta, hi-res was well worth the buy in, but the camera's customization and weather sealing is what sold me on the system. The new EM1X has taken this system to the next level. Hand held hi-res has to be seen to be believed. The AF customization is something I've never experienced on any camera. It is brilliant. People complain about the menu system on these cameras, but they are not difficult to master in the least. Read the manual, and the more you use the camera, easier it gets. The dual joy sticks and duplicate button layout for landscape and portrait shooting is one of the great features. Weather sealing is best in class, and the ergonomics are outstanding. It's not a heavy camera, or a difficult one to deploy. Handheld shooting with a 300mm lens is extremely easy and pain free. The i.s. is better then the MKII, the focusing is faster, the menu options are better. The SD card door is significantly better than the MKII. I still use the MKII, and it has become my back up camera, and when I want a smaller footprint in the field. But, without a doubt, I reach for the EM1X at every opportunity. You will not be sorry, and if anything, you'll end up using it more because it makes you want to.
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February 28, 2019 by Craig
First impressions of the M1X
The body looks big although its slim and light. It feels really good in your hands. The shutter is quiet and everything is very fast and snappy with no lag. The High Res Hand held is amazing. I shot my Ferrari at night with the cars lights on at f8 shutter 10th hand held high res. Perfectly clear and clean with starbursts coming off of every LED light on the car.
August 30, 2021 by Gilles
A game changer for BIF
My BIF (Bird in flight) photography was struggling with sharpness while using Canon 7D mark ii and 5DS. The difference was night and day when I switched to OM-D E-M1 mark 3, due to the Zuiko lenses, camera auto-focus and IBIS. However, I was still looking for added agility and sharpness, and found it in the E-M1X subject (bird) tracking feature. As an added benefit, it allows me to focus on composition whilst the camera maintains focus on the bird's eye, freeing my fingers for compensation or shutter speed adjustment (instead of having to manipulate the multi-selector). Additional "enhancements" include battery charging, ProRes Raw support, GPS, and many other features. And as with the mark 3, the complete system is incredibly light and the camera has a fantastic ergonomic feel.
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March 2, 2021 by GREGORY
Can take Great Images, but not automatic.
Still a mystery to me after a couple of years of constant shooting. The Auto Focus with Birds in Flight, does not quickly grab on to an image if it is closer in. How it loses focus is an issue to me. I own two M1X's and 1 Mark ll. I use the Mark ll for Landscape or Macro. Using the M1X's with BIF Auto Tracking it eats Battery Power. I have back-up dual batteries for all three cameras. Still, I have taken my best images with the Olympus OMD Line.
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July 11, 2020 by Mikeygee
Worth buying. Fingers crossed for firmware update.
This is a great camera! Fantastic features. Only complaint is it needs a firmware update. It is lagging behind the EM1 Mark 3. This shouldn’t be the case when the EM1X is the “Flagship” camera!
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