June 12, 2019 by Michelle
I love it
This camera is bad ass! From the controls to the speed of the shutter. Its the next best invention form peanut butter
June 8, 2019 by Alex
Beautiful camera!
Beautiful camera! I have large hands and fat fingers and the larger body size and ergonomics are a godsend for me. Auto-focus is lightning fast and image processing and quality superior to my much loved OM-D EM-1 Mark 2. If you can afford this camera just buy it! As soon as I can afford it I'll buy another body.
May 30, 2019 by Dev
Quite complex but has many features so I will stay current for a long time; the best camera I have ever owned; especially like the image stabilization feature and the water resistance; one can do some serious digital camera with this beast; beautifully engineered; the software could be better arranged but after buying some lessons (one on Nook - I prefer written to videos) I feel I am on a steep learning curve
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May 10, 2019 by Scotty
The new King
This could be the perfect camera system. The pro body EM1X is a perfect fit in the palm of your hand. Its lightweight design is a pleasure to hold and the quality of everything is top notch. The camera performs impressively well and can hold its own against the competition, and really is a step above the rest. With Pro Capture and built in Neutral Density filter, this camera system is intuitive and well thought out during production.
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May 10, 2019 by John
Significant Upgrade to the OM System
Prior to buying this camera I was using the OM EM1 MK II, of which I still own. The MKII was a remarkable piece of engineering. Ergonomics were greta, hi-res was well worth the buy in, but the camera's customization and weather sealing is what sold me on the system. The new EM1X has taken this system to the next level. Hand held hi-res has to be seen to be believed. The AF customization is something I've never experienced on any camera. It is brilliant. People complain about the menu system on these cameras, but they are not difficult to master in the least. Read the manual, and the more you use the camera, easier it gets. The dual joy sticks and duplicate button layout for landscape and portrait shooting is one of the great features. Weather sealing is best in class, and the ergonomics are outstanding. It's not a heavy camera, or a difficult one to deploy. Handheld shooting with a 300mm lens is extremely easy and pain free. The i.s. is better then the MKII, the focusing is faster, the menu options are better. The SD card door is significantly better than the MKII. I still use the MKII, and it has become my back up camera, and when I want a smaller footprint in the field. But, without a doubt, I reach for the EM1X at every opportunity. You will not be sorry, and if anything, you'll end up using it more because it makes you want to.
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