November 14, 2019 by Sarah
Perfect Travel Companion!
I'm a casual hobby photographer, and I recently traded in my old DSLR (which I never took anywhere for its large size) for this micro four thirds camera. This is my first Olympus camera, and I am sold on this brand and format! The size of the camera is absolutely perfect for packing around while travelling, and I loved how it felt in my hands instantly (it just felt 'right', which is very important in choosing your camera). I've mostly gravitated to shooting photos using the aperture priority mode, and I am happy with the quality (I mostly view on my phone and/or post photos to Instagram - I was worried at first but have not noticed the fact that it only has a 16mp sensor, for my needs it is more than adequate). I also love to use the 'clips' feature in video mode to make montage videos of my travels. I am loving the pancake lens that came bundled with this system, it makes such a tiny footprint in my travel bag. The wide array of lenses available for this camera system was also what sold me on it. Choosing this camera to be my new photography partner was easy - the hardest part was choosing which colour! Looking forward to many more trips with this camera!
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September 24, 2019 by Gretchen
Great travel camera!
I have had this camera for about 6 months now and I have gotten so many compliments of my pictures as well as the look of the camera. I decided to purchase this camera as I am just now starting to take my hobby of photography more serious. It has all the functions I need to take great photos. I love that I have the option to change out lenses depending on where I am or what I am shooting. I also love that it is on the smaller side so it makes it super easy to travel with. I would highly recommend this product to those who want a travel-size camera and who are also in the beginning stages of photography.
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September 24, 2019 by iJoshuaDockery
It makes photography fun.
My first DSLR was the Olympus E-420, a camera purchased over 10 years ago and, it still works today and I still love it. That says something about the quality of Olympus cameras. When it was getting time I upgrade my camera, I didn't have a lot of money. In fact, I had help from a model shipwrights group, and a gofundme. This was my first choice for a number of reasons. I enjoy shooting on this camera. The live view touch screen is great. I can get a good range of tilt from the touch screen, I mainly use the eyepiece, which is also electronic. What's nice about the electronic viewfinder, is that I have a better idea how my exposure is going to look, something I had to, and still, do in the back of my mind. I can switch to show as much or as little info as I please, which cuts down on distractions. It's 16MP but, don't let that number discourage you from buying this. You may be surprised just how large photos you can get with 16MP without loss of quality. Also the Size of the photo is easier to store and edit, either in the Olympus software or, the photography software of your choice. At 16MP if you buy a 128GB SD card, it will hold 4000+ photos in RAW+super fine jpeg, 4000+ photos... When I started photography, I was shooting film with 24 photos. Even with a smaller card, just have fun and don't be afraid to keep experimenting while out photographing things. Are you just on social media, only like using your phone? Consider adding this camera to your social media photography, with the Olympus share app, you can transfer photos to you phone AND, you can use your phone as a remote control, I consider this the ultimate selfie. I believe this applies to usage with a drone. Which brings me to weight, this is a light weight camera, a light weight fully featured camera. It has a lot of options, nearly all the options of the higher end OM-D cameras. And it's light. Easy to take it anywhere and just have fun. I love this camera, I am truly grateful I had help in getting this camera. If you can, buy this camera. I find it better than its competitors. It has 4k video which looks great, and it's pretty tough, though I wouldn't drop it from a two story building, or a ladder, or step stool... I can't say enough great things about Olympus, they are a wonderful company and, they have made an excellent camera with the E-M10 Mark III, I highly recommend this camera. I thank you for time and consideration, I hope this helps you in your decision making efforts.
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September 18, 2019 by Leo
Great camera for just about any photographer
It's light. It's handy. It's easy to use. It's as complex as you choose to grow into. It's a great value at it's price point. It delivers a lot of bang for the buck. It's not perfect. The menu system can be a bit intimidating, especially at first. But put in the time to learn and it will reward handsomely.
August 24, 2019 by Mascaccino
Great camera, lots of features. As someone new to photography, I would highly recommend!
By no means am I professional, but I do enjoy taking pictures. This is my first camera purchase. So I thinking I'm considered a hobbyist? I did days of research as to what camera would best suit me. I had it down to about 5 entry levels, then 2. I went to a local camera store and played with them for about an hour. I decided to go with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III. I had it for almost one month now and I absolutely love everything about it. The feel, the size, the ease of use and the great photo quality. Its light enough and I carry it pretty much everywhere I go. I haven't really had anything negative to say about it surprisingly. I usually find something but, not with this camera. It's my first Olympus product and extremely happy with it.
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