December 18, 2015 by Sterling
Kit Zoom
Purchased this zoom lens as a kit with camera body pl6 very good zoom lens small light compact for the focal length not as small as a pancake zoom lens but still small an light. Only negative is the plastic lens mount. For the price didn't expect much more and very happy with this lens. Photos are sharp throughout the zoom. It's not a super fast lens but adequate and with good indoor lighting the lens gives good photos without a flash.
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June 23, 2015 by Mark
Great kit lens!
This lens came with my E-M5 Elite in a kit. For what I paid it would have been foolish not to get it. It is a very nice little lens. Image quality is actually quite good. Focus speed is good and it is quiet. The only drawbacks I would give it are. 1. Plastic lens mount. 2. Does not include lens hood. In using the lens I have found it to be sharp for a lens in this price point. It is very lightweight and collapses to make it a tiny little package. I would recommend it if you get it in a kit. When it was all said and done, I only paid $20.00 for it. Like I said, it would have been foolish not to get it.
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June 6, 2015 by Mustafa
If it is on sale, get it.
You will usually find it at the price of $99-$199 on sale. It is a requirement for every novice photographer, but I don't know exactly for amateurs. It is the type of lens that you will ask yourself why you don't want to use instead of why you should, thus allows novices to question themselves what next lens should they buy. It is quite easy, collapsible, sharp, low barrel distortion, and doesn't produce much chromatic aberrations throughout the whole frame. In addition, it is light and small enough to be carried on any occasion. The only drawback is minimum focus is only 0.25 meters and can not be compensated by buying the macro extension lens from Olympus, despite being expensive relative to the price of the lens itself .
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April 3, 2015 by Simon
Probably one of the best kit zooms ever
The M.Zuiko 14-42 II R is a good lens. It's biggest attraction is it's collapsing design. This seemed fiddly and a bit too delicate for a plastic bodied lens, but it has held up well. It's very lightweight, and fairly sharp across the entire range. Autofocus is very quick, and silent enough to be used in movie mode. While it will never rival the 12-40 pro, this lens is a good enough do-anything lens to learn on or travel with.
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May 31, 2013 by Thian Sung
Quiet zoom lens
Great shots when there is ample light, in dim or low light conditions due to limitations of the E-P2, you'll really need a flash, especially a TTL flash.
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