September 5, 2015 by Dana
Best kit lens available
This is my standard go-to lens for micro four thirds. It gets the job done in most areas. Sure, there are better, faster lenses in various focal lengths that this lens covers, but this lens covers a good range, and you have the convenience of one lens-- no changing! It works great on video too-- silent and no hunting. There is a much smaller version of this lens, but the size of this model is not a concern whatsoever.
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May 31, 2015 by BnKSy
Great kit Lens
Great little kit lens. Very lightweight, compact lens, offering exceptionally fast & sharp auto focus. Super macro to telephoto shots are very sharp and well focused. I have shots of ladybugs on roses, to my sheltie 100 feet away; all have been exceptional. Eventhough it is lightweight, it does not feel cheaply made. I could not be more pleased with this lens.
May 16, 2015 by Ray
Surprisingly good kit lens
Lenses that come packaged as part of a camera kit are notorious for sub-par performance and build, but the Zuiko Micro Four Thirds (MTF) 14-42mm IIR is a pleasant surprise. From the limited photos I have taken since receiving the lens, pictures seem to come out crisp, with resolution fairly uniform from center to edge. Zoom is smooth and autofocus is fast. It is a collapsible lens so when closed it only extends about 2" from the camera body, and weighs a mere 4 ounces. (Contrast this to the 28-85mm (full-frame equivalent to MFT 14-42mm) I have for my old OM-1 - that weighs about a pound and extends 3 1/2" at its shortest.) The maximum aperture for this lens is an unremarkable F3.5 - 5.6, but that is common for this class of zoom. To upgrade to the Zuiko 12-40mm f2.8 Pro lens would cost 3 times the price of this lens. This lens also has a very decent minimum focusing distance of just under 10", very nice for taking photos of small objects such as flowers and mushrooms (two of my favorite subjects). All-in-all a very nice lens. My only caveat is the 37mm filter size, which means it is a tiny lens cap for big fumbling fingers. I have installed a 37-46mm step-up ring to alleviate this problem. 46mm is the filter size for many MFT lenses and I plan on standardizing most of my lenses at 46mm. That way I can share filters between lenses, and the 46mm lens cap is much easier for me to handle.
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March 12, 2013 by John W. Sloane, DMD
Very good "KIT" lens, light, quiet and smooth...
This lens is a great little lens. I have used all types of photo equipment over the last three decades, have owned and used every Olympus film camera and lens in the 'OM' System and this is, though it may cause pain to some to hear this, better than most of the old OM lenses. And they were REALLY good! I wish the lower end went to 12mm (24mm equivalent on a 35mm system), but MOST photo taking by enthusiasts and even Prosumers can come from this lens and/or the WONDERFUL 12-50 or the other great 9-18. This lens will get you foo the ground and flying with aplomb. I lost the front Bayonet ring and I can't seem to get another one from Olympus no matter how I try to describe it, though, so guard it with your life. The lens looks "funny" without it.
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June 13, 2019 by Michael
Reasonable lens
It's a kit lens, and performs as such. Price for value is reasonable. I just don't use it much, since my Olympus prime lenses are sharper.
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