June 21, 2020 by Jack
Sharp, light weight, easy to carry around.
I purchased this lens to do pictures in s small, cramped areas. And this lens delivers beautiful, sharp, well-saturated pictures. On this small focusing distance, such 11mm you would expect a barrel distortion, but I could not find any. The lens is small and light, easy to carry. Weatherseal would definitely make him a proline lens.
June 13, 2019 by Michael
Reasonable lens
It's a kit lens, and performs as such. Price for value is reasonable. I just don't use it much, since my Olympus prime lenses are sharper.
May 27, 2019 by Tommy
Good kit lens
I got this as a kit lens for my E-M10 II and it did the job well. It is great at almost everything except creating that bokeh look. It is light weight and does not get in the way when you're taking a quick snap.
January 10, 2019 by George
Good general all around lenses
I have two of these lenses for my EPL2 and EPM2. They are sharp and compact.
June 29, 2018 by Linden
Lightweight and unobtrusive
I got this in a kit with the E-M10 II. It’s very lightweight and IMO easier to use than the EZ model (I love the smaller size but hate the power zoom). It’s also very versatile with some add-ons available from Olympus. I used this lens for a few months as I was saving up for the 12-40 PRO, and it is quite good for a kit lens. Yes, it’s slow variable aperture and plastic build are not as good if you need ruggedness or low light performance, but with a flash or in good light it actually performs admirably. Definitely recommended if you’re just getting into MFT.
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