April 3, 2015 by Vincent
Mesmerizing photo experience!
I bought this lens and the tele-converter last month and have used it so far for portraiture, and, outdoors for architectural images, on my OM-D EM-1. The outcome is unbelievable! The super sharp images I got in hand held photography were more than enough to justify my thrice postponed decision to purchase this amazing lens & teleconverter. With my 12-40mm f2.8 pro & this lens combination, I am ready for an exciting season in the sun!
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April 2, 2015 by MNPhotog
Great Optics
This is a fine lens. It is well built, operates smoothly and has crystal clear optics. Yes it is up there in cost, but understand that when Olympus puts the 'pro' moniker on this lens, it is built and works to a fine standard.
April 2, 2015 by Bone Daddy
Not as good as you's think -- BETTER!
With all of the glory being thrown at this lens as an outdoor distance telephoto, you wouldn't think it would hold its own in a claustrophobic studio situation. But I shot with my new 40-150 PRO in a tight-quartered restaurant corner -- I do operational and training work for a major fast casual brand -- and got the sexiest foodie shots I've ever seen. Fantastic light capture, no color aberrations anywhere and a creamy bokeh behind a surgically narrow depth of field. Sliced onions never looked so good. In addition, the 40-150 PRO's tripod mounting foot pulls the lens back from the subject enough that the camera rarely need to be moved when switching from, say, the 12-40 PRO lens with the camera mounted on the tripod instead. The 40-150 PRO really is the marvel of engineering it's marketed to be, from imagery to ergonomics.
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April 2, 2015 by Dr. V Wu
Best Micro 4/3 telephoto zoom so far (if not ever)
This is by far the best micro 4/3 zoom. Nice range of telephotos with very fast and silent focusing speed. Nice shallow DOF due to its focal length (40-150mm) and short minimum focusing distance of less than 1/2 meter. It's my first choice when shooting anything outdoor (or indoor/portraits with good lights)
March 1, 2015 by Kenny
Wedding zoom beauty
I use this for our wedding photography with a EM-1. Tack sharp at f 2.8. eyes and ears in focus every time on my bride with the DOF. You have the light gathering at F2.8 Must have lens in your kit.
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