July 25, 2017 by philip
Fast, sharp, flexible
Low light capability and broad zoom range combined with stabilization and weatherproofing make this pretty unbeatable. Using it for a misty pre-dawn shoot with a couple of DSLR users illustrated the value of the moisture resistance. Their cameras and lenses were draped in towels to keep the the glass dry and I was simply able to extend the hood and shoot away. Wiped the camera and lens down afterwards and was good to go. Collar allows instant change from landscape to portrait without adjusting you tripod head. Only drawback is that it is heavy (relatively) for the system, but still way lighter than my old kit. Image quality is superb and the speed is amazing.
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April 20, 2017 by Wisertime
Excellent lens
Superb lens. Very versatile focal lengths, fast constant aperature, high contrast, high resolution, feels great, love the lens hood and tripod collar is removable.
April 3, 2017 by Andrew
Image quality not as good as the Zuiko 35-100
Fast focus, relatively light, large range and well built. Sadly though, the quality of image is not as good as the Zuiko 35-100 f2.0 which I replaced with this lens. Given my travel and the size benefits, I don't completely regret the trade, but I sometimes wish I kept the older lens.
January 7, 2017 by Debra
Great lens a must have in your camera bag. Excellent pro level lens.
Sturdy, rigid lens. Weather sealed, I use it with my OMD EM1 in the rain or snow and do not have to worry about damaging it. I love the new lens hood, very fast to pull it into place or store it. Tack sharp, lens a bit heavy but now compared to the legacy lens. Excellent low light shooting. A Must have in your camera bag.
January 6, 2017 by Brian
Produced great results for great memories
This lens produced impressive results when used from the stands of a recent NFL game. The quality and closeness of the pictures has provided great memories now and for years to come.
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