October 1, 2016 by antennariidae
Like it!
I bought this to go along with my EM-10 to use as a "point and shoot" like camera. The lens is wide enough to get reasonable indoor shots and bright enough to do well without a flash. It is sharp enough for what I do with it and pairs well with the EM-10 to make a compact kit with good output.
July 8, 2016 by peter
A Gem for Street Photography
I received this lens as a birthday present from my son just last month. Normally I hold off a lot longer before writing a review, but I'm so pleased with the lens that I won't this time. Sharp, fast contrasty, fast and reasonably light around my neck. It's a great walking around lens, always ready if you set it to manual, f/5.6 or slower, and focus at its hyperfocal distance. Why do I stress that? Because it is virtually alone in the autofocus digital world in having the essentials: a manual setting that doesn't reset accidentally to autofocus; a focus scale on the lens; and enough DOF info to make it work. It's corner to corner sharp. And contrasty. I know that some of that comes from in-camera processing which corrects for known features of the lens, so it may not worth as well on LUMIX bodies. It is better when stopped down a stop or two, but what's surprising about that? If a lens designer could make a lens as sharp at f/1.8 as this one is at f/2.8 for the same cost, she would probably have stretched this one a tad and made a 1.4. Designers almost always expect some sharpness drop wide open. Hey, at f1.8 this lens is a heck of a lot sharper than its companion f/2.8 is when set to f/1.8....
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April 13, 2016 by Kevin
Great walk around lens
I own this in addition to my Olympus 12-40mm 2.8 and an E-M10. Despite the overlapping focal length, the 12-40, despite being my favorite lens for its versatility, is very bulky. For those lazy days when you're not sure if you need a camera or not, I reach for the 17mm 1.8. The quality is great wide open through f/4, and really emphasizes the advantages of micro four thirds in a package I can pocket into my jacket. The focal length is useful for most snapshots, and the bokeh is decent when used to take wide angle portrait. My only complaint is the price, as it seems that the asking price is quite high when alternatives are considered.
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March 16, 2016 by Anh-Huy
My Standard Everyday Lense
Back in the day, when film was still in, people were talking about 35mm photography. Well, this is the closest lens to that old standard. I received this lense as an Xmas gift a year ago. Since then, this lens has become the standard lens on our GX7 Panasonic camera. Initially, I was a bit concerned as the GX7 in-body stabilization is not quite as good as Olympus cameras 3- or 5-axis stabilization. But in reality, this has never turned out to be a problem at all because this lens is so quick with an aperture of f1.8. This aperture is very versatile. I go to f1.8 to get some nice bokeh effects of close-up portrait pictures. Indoors, I can just keep the aperture at 2.2 or so to capture my son run around and have him stop in mid-air as he jumps up and down. In dark restaurant lighting, I can just open up the lens to f2.0, and the pictures still turn out great AND look much more natural than pictures with flash would turn out to be. So even then, shaking is not an issue. I have also used this lens to do some night sky photography. Again the wide aperture helps to collect lots of light when it's dark. In dark night sky conditions, I can take beautiful pictures of the milky way with f1.8, Iso 3200-6400, and 20-25 second exposures. The focal length is perfect for most occasions from street pictures, to semi-portrait pictures where I actually want to capture the upper-body and face and not just the face....I like this focal length. I am a beginner and normally like zoom lenses. But this lens has forced me to frame pictures better and use my feet as the zoom. The manual clutch switch is a really nifty feature. It works well and feels intuitive. Zooming is super-fast. I whole-heartedly recommend this lens to any MFT camera - especially the GX7
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February 17, 2016 by Virgil
My Favorite Lens
I love this lens for not only its versatility but because the image quality it gives me are always excellent. I build models and do quite a bit of table top photography for magazine articles and books, and this lens never disappoints. The quality is superb and I like that fact that it allows me to switch from AF to MF lightning fast. Also, when I am out and about it's my go-to lens. It doesn't add much extra weight to my camera or bag. And when either on the camera or in the bag I seldom have to worry about the build quality of this lens. It's built well and it continues to last me.
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