April 16, 2015 by Sima
A good all purpose lens
I got this lens as a kit lens bundled with my EM-5. All in all it is a good lens. Good things about it: 1. It is a durable lens, weather, splash and dust proof is a great feature. I had some chances taking photos in a super snowy winter night, with this lens, I am worry free. Although focus get a little slow when it is very cold. 2. It changes the focal length internally, so unlike some other wide range lens, the 12-50mm lens won't screw in and out when you change the focal length. 3. It has a Macro function. Well it is not the real Macro, but it is interesting enough. I really like that when I feel like using a Macro lens but don't have to change the lens for taking a few photos in the field. 4. It has 12 mm to 50 mm focus length. So if you don't want to bring too many lens with you for a travel, this is the one you could bring with. It can covers almost everything for the travel. Some things I wish it has: 1. Larger aperture. When it is darker or you are indoor with not so much light, even with the powerful 5-AXIS from my EM-5, the picture still gets blurred. 2. Get Shorter in size. It is still a little too long for my EM-5, which make it looks a little special. It also make the whole package not very mobile because of the big lens.
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April 11, 2015 by Skylark
So Soft... Prime It
I have tussled with this lens for about a year. My best photos have yet to come from this lens as hard as I try. It is just too slow, not sharp enough, and not very ergonomically pleasing due to it's length. I am considering switching to the 45mm f/1.8 or the 12mm f/2.0 primes to try to gain in speed and sharpness. This lens helped me test focal lengths to narrow down my decision on what lens to buy. Right now, my best shots almost exclusively come from my 25mm Panasonic 1.8. Overall this lens just lacks too much in contrast and sharpness. My panasonic 25mm has set the bar for the kind of contrast and sharpness I want. It's hard to choose another lens after this. The plus of this lens is that it's sealed and has a lot of buttons to play with like the function button, the digital zoom and the macro function. Overall, I regret buying this lens, but even from this lens, I have a learned a lot more about photography. The conclusion is that for the m4/3 cameras, you will just need a faster lens than this to feel satisfied with the results. The only way to even get an in-focus low light shot, you have to crank up the ISO manually. Even after that, it's rare that you would ever like something in hand-held low light conditions from this lens, which makes things extremely frustrating as you miss street scenes that you would have easily captured with a better lens with the same focal lengths. The macro is the best feature on this lens, but I am not into macro photography very much, and I am sure if I were, I would want the Oly 60mm instead.
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April 3, 2015 by Martin
Great, but a tad slow
This is one misunderstood lens. A good performer overall, with slight soft corners wide open, but still a stellar lens stopping it down a bit. But I don't really care for stopping down a lens, specially this one, since is so slow, so I most of the time shoot wide open, unless I'm taking Macro, which can indeed benefit from the added depth of field. Speaking of Macro, it's in really very usable, and images are very sharp and contrasty. Power zoom is great, and the fact that the front element neither rotates nor increases in length when focusing of zooming, makes it a very nice video lens. And you still have the option of flipping back the ring for manual zoom, although I don't use it very often. It might impact battery life a bit, though, and I haven't tested that particularity too much, but is good to take it into account when you are far away from a power outlet. Weather sealing is a welcomed bonus. Overall a winner that finds a place in my camera bag, and use it very often when light conditions permit. And if not, IBIS always comes to rescue me and save the day. Highly recommended.
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March 28, 2015 by darrell
Great all-around lens!
I got this lens with my OM-D E-M5 body, and it is the lens that I use most often, even after purchasing several other lenses. It is handy to have the built-in macro to grab an unexpected shot, and the zoom range makes it a very versatile lens. The power zoom option works great for video, when you want a smooth & steady zoom. Otherwise, I always use the "manual" zoom for faster composure of still pictures. The lens is rugged, too! I slipped while hiking and slammed the lens into a rock when I fell. It dented & shattered the filter I had on the lens, but the lens itself is still working perfectly after many more months of use. This is the lens I leave on my camera for the majority of use, and the only lens I use when I don't want to carry any other lenses with me.
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March 26, 2015 by Manish Vanjara
Very nice weather sealed lesn with macro capabilities
This lens covers a very userful 24mm (35mm equivalent) to 100mm focal length. This focal length is ideal for most photography. Being weather sealed helps. Keep in mind that you need a weather sealed body as well such as the EM5 or EM1. There is a macro mode which is surprisingly good. I have captured some really nice macro photos with this lens. While this may be an ok kit lens for still photography, it does shine for video as it has almost silent operation and very smooth zooming action. While not the sharpest kit lens in the micro 4/3rd family, it is still a very good performer and much better than the kit lens offered in other systems. This lens has become a part of my lens I carry lens due to its capabilities in both focal length as well as macro. Yes I shoot RAW and have to do some post processing to obtain the best results. However this lens has delivered good results. I would recommend this lens to a friend due to its excellent focal length and macro with a caveat that some post processing may be required to make the images pop.
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