November 26, 2017 by Torchy
Don't overlook this lens
THis is a very good lens, and nice to use. I use one with the E-M1 and it makes for a lightweight, easy to handle, weatherproof unit with excellent macro capabilities. It is also capable of producing excellent image quality. (I will add a few photos to the gallery). It's also inexpensive. There's nothing not to like about this lens. The 12-40mm is a nice lens also, but is bigger and heavy to carry around, I usually opt for the 12-50mm as my everyday lens.
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October 9, 2017 by MSRW
Possibly the ideal OMD lens--contrary to what you may hear....
I have owned this lens and the 12-40 f2.8 pro lens for a couple of years, and am a former professional photographer. I generally don’t write product reviews, but I can’t help but think that most of the reviewers of this lens have missed the point of what it brings to the photographer, so I thought I’d chime in. Here are the qualities that make the 12-50 truly special: 1. Balance on the OMD EM1 camera is outstanding--the overall package handles a lot better than the OMD-EM1 with the 12-40 f2.8. 2. Excellent focal range, covers most uses. Better range than the 12-40 f2.8. For quite a few purposes, it’s possible to use the focal length doubling feature in the OMD-EM1 and extend the lens reach out to 100mm (200mm 35mm camera equivalent). 3. Motorized zoom is essential for professional video. The 12-40 f2.8 doesn’t have this capability. 4. Built in macro. 5. Inexpensive but weatherproof. 6. LIghtweight--much more pleasant to carry than heavy, faster lenses. Granted, the optical qualities of this lens aren’t comparable to the 12-40 f2.8, but in an era when most of the creative process happens in post production (rather than during image capture), and when lens qualities can be corrected in post production, it isn’t as necessary as it used to be to lug around optically outstanding--but heavy and unwieldy--lenses. Since the OMD EM1 has much better low light performance than digital cameras of even a few years ago, and dramatically better performance than film cameras, the need for fast lenses to pursue low light is much reduced. Boka and blurring the background via a wide f-stop can now also be done in post production. So there is much lower value in using faster, heavier, more expensive lenses than there used to be. All in all, I like the 12-50 better than I do the much more expensive and less versatile 12-40 f2.8, based on the former’s versatility and convenience. In no way do I find that it limits my photographic capabilities.
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July 27, 2017 by Jan
Good hiking lens
This lens is on my camera 90% of the time, because most of my photos are taken on hikes and river trips, and this lens works great in those situations. The 12 - 50 range adequately covers most situations, the weatherproofing is nice, and it's fairly light. I am very happy with the image quality (but admit that I am not a pixel peeper). I have seen a lot of reviews extolling the superiority of the 12 - 40 pro over this lens, but personally I have no desire to switch because the 12 - 50 is so much lighter to carry in a backpack and gives me images I am happy with
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March 6, 2017 by Gerard S.
Efficiency with this lens
The lens is full of surprises trying to figure out it functionality needs some practice to familiar and to master the lens. The lens efficiency is amazing in terms of usage. I feel the focal length is short for the say I shoot things. The mechanical zoom is still slow even it made the setting fast. Manual zoom is faster yet it is jumpy. The left and the right turn is a little weird after getting so familiar with other lenses. The macro capability is amazing. As a whole, very efficient lens.
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March 3, 2017 by Srikanth
Decent Lens
This was my kit lens with OMD E-M5 and with decent image quality. Like the Macro feature in this. Good lens to start with if it comes as a kit.
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