May 18, 2020 by Jack
Perfect all around lens, good from kit lens upgrade.
Five Star lens. At f35/5.6 is a little too dark o be a pro lens, otherwise, the sharpness, saturation, color reproduction is top-notch. I use this lens on 80% of my shoots, with no regrets. Very little Photoshop needs it. I actually prefer color warmth from the lens versus Photoshop. The three modes on the lens, power zoom, manual zoom, and Macro are always used. So is the programmable LF-N Botton. That this lens is fully sealed is a big plus. The price of this lens is also reasonable. So far it is my everyday lens. If you like me, meaning you can't afford the pro lens this Zuiko 12-50 f3.5/5.6 is a perfect alternative. This lens is little longer than the kit lens, at 3.5", but it blows the kit lens away. The kit lens is only 12-42mm, no Macro, image quality is not the same, no power zoom. The Zuiko 12-50mm is the perfect upgrade from its lens. I highly recommend this lens, especially for the upgrade from kit lens, or for someone who wants to start Marco photography.
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May 6, 2020 by Jack
Sharp, quick and quit. Programable bottom.
This lens is awesome. Having manual, power zoom and Macro all in one lens is a big plus. I use Macro a lot so this function is essential to me..This lens is sharp, quick and quit. Perfect for everyday use. A programable bottom comes handy too. I think that this lens is a great upgrade for a kit camera lens.
January 5, 2019 by George
Very good all around lens.
This is the lens I use for light weight and versatility. The lens is sharp and the 24-100mm focal length is very versatile. Yes, the lens is not very bright, but if if pair it up with an Olympus with a good sensor, it will compensate it with higher ISO.
October 11, 2018 by JR
Versatile Fast and Easy
This is my go to lens for its versatility and ease of use. Switch between Manual and Auto Focus quickly by sliding the focus ring. This same motion will get you into Macro as well. Set the dedicated function button on the lens for more quick shooting adjustments at your fingertips. You aren’t going to get true macro like you would with a dedicated macro lens, but this is way better than using macro scene mode. I agree it is the one lens I take when I have limited ability to carry multiple lenses.
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May 22, 2018 by David
Great all purpose and macro lens, always on the camera!
I bought this lens to replace my 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 lens as my go to lens. I really wanted the Pro lens, but funds are a bit tight. I was concerned that the difference wouldn't be enough to justify it and I would be better off saving a bit longer for the Pro. I am sure that the Pro is much better in a lot of ways, but I love the Macro function. The color and clarity is much better than my previous lens. I couldn't be happier with! I like having it zoom internally and love how light weight it is for it's size.
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