June 4, 2015 by Will
Most versatile lens in the entire M43 line up
Can I say "best lens ever"?? Sure, optically there some better lenses out there but seriously for a travel guy like myself, there's no other lens that comes close to the amount of time this is mated with my OM-D E-M5. 12-40mm in full frame is 24-80mm which is perfect because when I was shooting full frame, I was using 24-70 ALL THE TIME. That behaviour didn't change when I migrated over the M43. I even get a bonus 10mm of reach which I love. QUALITY The build is excellent. Love that it's dust and splash proof. It's close enough to water proof that I don't get too worried if it starts raining a bit. IMAGE QUALITY (IQ) The glass used here is spectacular. It's such a workhorse for me that I get to see images from here on a pretty regular basis. I'm always blown away by how good it is and the kind of depth of field I'm able to get. At f/2.8, the bokeh is pleasing and the right amount for all of my travels. Focus is fast plus you get a bonus LN button to program. ONLY CON I think the only can that I can think of is that the ring that pops in and out to go from manual focus to auto is a little too easy to knock by accident? There's been a few times where I thought I was shooting in auto without realizing that in the bag it was switched to manual focus. I'm really not sure what else to say. This will be the best bang for buck you'll spend as far as lenses go in the M43 world. There's nothing else that compares to it.
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May 21, 2015 by Anthony
Beyond Impressed ...
I absolutely love this lens. I been using it for 6 months and I can say that it has surpassed my expectations. The auto focus is very fast. The manual focus ring is also engineered properly. I don't find myself hitting the ring inadvertently turning off Auto. The zoom ring is also setup for quick cropping of the shot. I can concentrate on the composition of the picture as apposed to fiddling with the lens . Color is superb and focus razor sharp What I don't like is, when in full wide angle, up close images will distort . I understand that is the nature of wide angle lens. I felt it was excessive. If your are going to buy just one lens, I highly recommend this one for indoors / outdoors.
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May 17, 2015 by Jonathan
my go to lens
Matched up to the E-M1, rain or shine the camera comes along. This lens is parked on the camera daily, only coming off when I am specifically out to shoot and need something different, closer, farther or wider. The lens itself besides the great images it can capture is a pleasure to use. It's a small and dense lens and you can tell it's been designed well. The manual focus ring has the perfect amount of travel stop to stop. The zoom has just the right amount of tension and stays right where you put it. It matches perfectly with the E-M1 and works well with the E-M5 as well.
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May 14, 2015 by Mike
Excellent Travel Lens
I've been using this lens since it was first introduced for my OMD-EM1. It's been to Europe & back twice and has been used in the pouring rain while my family worried about the camera getting wet. (Needless to say, both camera & lens worked great in a driving rain in Piazza San Marco in Venice.) Pictures have been excellent with terrific detail even when blown up to 4' or more and framed. Be aware that f2.8 is not the equivalent of f2.8 on a standard 35mm camera and may not provide the depth of field effects you expect. Of course, that's true for all lenses of this genre. Overall, an excellent zoom which is still small enough to carry around all day without being cumbersome.
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May 7, 2015 by Patrick RH
Outstanding lens for what it is
I have to agree with all the other reviews in that this lens is a superb lens all in it's own right. Fast auto focus, fantastic build quality, crisp/sharp images, etc. My one observation though is that this lens does not quite match the sharpness, color, or clarity of the older 14-35mm F2. At almost any aperture or focal length, the older 4/3 lens produces slightly better results. I suppose that is somewhat to be expected since the 14-35 is substantially more expensive. For truly professional work, the older 4/3 lens might be a better pick. That said, very few people who look at your prints would ever notice the difference so for me, the 12-40 is nothing short of outstanding.
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