February 15, 2020 by John
A great addition!
While I don't have a begging need for this lens on an everyday basis it's a fantastic lens and delivers better results than I expected- and I expected a lot based on the quality I get from my other PRO lenses. It seems extremely sharp corner to corner with no fall off in the corners or edges. The colors are vibrant and they match the color profiles of my other lenses so there is no need to correct images from this lens which is any different from the profile I've established in my workflow for all the PRO lenses. The lens does not seem particularly prone to flare even with the big front element. I'm still a bit reluctant to use it really inclement weather just because I'm not interested in getting snow and rain on the front element. I'm waiting on a bit of better weather to really determine the limits of this lens in my shooting.It has performed wonderfully in the times I've needed it.
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January 2, 2020 by Paul
Love it. Nice piece of kit.
Wonderful. Love the color. Sharper than expected at its focal lengths.
October 15, 2019 by Darek
Recently started urbex shooting, and this gem paid off in spades, especially in tight spaces and low light situations. Glad I have this beauty in my arsenal.
September 14, 2019 by Jeff
I knew this was a great lens, but when I used it for some landscapes I was amazed at how wide the field of view was and the sharpness of the images I took. Great lens!
September 5, 2019 by Tom
Wonderful wide angle zoom
The M.Zuiko 7-14 mm f/2.8 is a wonderful wide angle zoom. With my OM-D E-M1X I've been able to capture hand-held landscape and architectural images at 4 second exposures and longer. Being able to shoot at an efov of 14 mm (full frame equiv) can make a significant difference when compared to using a 16 mm or 18 mm focal length.
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