January 7, 2016 by Chip
Great Compact Camera w/ Plenty of Room for Growth
The camera itself is a wonder to use. The small body make it perfect for me to take with on backpacking trips where every gram counts, but I want the versatility of various lenses. The construction seems durable, and has stood up to some smaller trips so far. The camera has enough features and functions to allow me as a hobby photographer to grow. It's easy enough to use that my non-photographer wife enjoys using it as well (when coupled with the 14042 EZ lens). Some less technically-savvy users might be intimidated by the extensive menu options found in the OM-D M-10. A read-through of the manual with the knowledge of your preferred shooting types should familiarize a person with the settings they need most, however.
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January 1, 2016 by Matt
Love it!
Was looking to get a camera that was small and mighty. This fits the bill and has been great so far. Looking forward to taking it on my flyfishing adventures! It's compact size will fit nicely in my fishing gear and will be a vast improvement over my smartphone pictures. Out of the box was easy to use and takes great pictures. Can't wait to get back into taking pictures and learning how to leverage all the fun stuff this camera has to offer.
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December 31, 2015 by Kevin
The best feeling camera you can get for under a months pay
I did not set out to buy this camera, I was focused firmly on cameras with more mega-pixels or faster continuous drive, or 60fps video - but picking up multiple cameras from multiple manufacturers, the OM-D E-M10 feels amazing - the controls are exactly where you'd expect and easy to use and the view finder is excellent. The picture quality is stunning - it's as good or better than cameras with larger sensors - and the in-body stabilization is so much better than I'd anticipated, I can actually use the f/5.6 150mm zoom indoors handheld and still get sharp photos at 1/4s exposure. The controls are what make this camera though, if you ever plan to take the camera out of "Auto", there's just nothing else that feels this good in the hands until you're looking at pro-level DSLRs and lots of them are still clunkier to use. The continuous/tracking auto-focus is not great but that's typical of mirrorless camera, but the single-AF is fast and accurate, so there - that's the one negative to it.
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December 22, 2015 by Jane
Loving this camera!!
I bought this camera as a smaller, walkaround option when I didn't want to carry my heavier DSLR and I am loving it!! The crisp, clearness of the photos amazes me and the touchscreen option makes changing settings so easy. I'm still learning all that this camera can do, but I am thrilled at what I have discovered so far and expect that to only get better. To say I am a new Olympus fan is a gross understatement!!
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December 9, 2015 by Brian
Great improvements over my E-500
As the owner of an old E-500 C/W 14-40 & 40-150 lens the OM-D E-M10 similarly equipped is much lighter and faster with much better low light capability. Improvements include video, live screen, zoom to focus, non-proprietary memory cards, increased megapixels, & time laps. The kit did not come with lens hoods as the E-500 did. The built in flash does not automatically pop up in low light and it does not seem to have a depth of field preview like the E-500 did. Over all acceptable trade-offs for the aforementioned benefits. The wife refused to use the E-500 because of its size and weight and loves the OM-D. My son has inherited the old E-500.
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