April 7, 2014 by Darrell Young
Amazingly small and powerful camera!
I am an E-M1 user myself. I bought the E-M10 for my wife. The camera is tiny, yet very capable. We come from a Nikon DSLR background and find the little OM-D cameras quite refreshing due to lack of weight and advanced features. The image quality is outstanding and surprising for the smaller 4/3 sensor size. I am a photography professional and my wife is not, yet either of us can pick up the tiny little E-M10 and make the camera do what we want. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment in using the E-M10 for an emergency commercial shoot if one of my Nikons failed. The camera is a delight to use, with all the features any enthusiast would want, all the controls a professional would need, and all the in-camera support a newbie would desire—all in one little camera body. Amazing!
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March 31, 2014 by R.B
Very good camera!!!!
Very good camera! Purchased just before trip to US, have some tricks to use, difficult menu, very solid and quality body, a bit heavier than my pocket camera, but compact as well to put to my purse. It is different from my Olympus SH-50 which i used last year for travel. E-M10 is very good in low light even with kit lens 14-42mm II R (or panasonic 14-42, which i used on a trip just because this lens more compact than Olympus kit lens). Looking forward to buy the 14-42 EZ pancake lens,and advise you to do so too. My own opinion, this camera shoots same quality pictures like an entry level DSLR cameras, but more smaller. And very go ahead from travel zooms and pocket compact with small sensor. A bad point, RAW no recognized yet on the mac computers, even with new update. Hope it will be fixed soon.
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March 29, 2014 by BRH72
Big things do come in a small package.
I have owned my OMD EM 10 for a little over a month. Still getting use to the touch screen and a lot of the features. I moved over from a Sony DSLR. I wanted to go smaller. This camera is defiantly smaller way smaller. Offers a lot of manual controls. I got the kit and added the 40-150. This camera has the fastest auto focus I have seen. So glad I took the micro four thirds plunge.
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