September 13, 2014 by Linda
Great little camera
Got tired of schlepping my E500 & 300 zoom. The EM10 is so small & lightweight, it's easy to take with anywhere. What I'm disappointed in is: - No lens hood included for 14-42 II R or the 75>300 zoom - No printed full manual included - the little manual included is useless - it's merely an excerpt & even refers to pages that aren't there. OM1, OM2, E500 - all came with lens hoods and printed full manuals. Even the XA came with a manual. Now I have to go online & buy these items - very annoying & easily another $50+ for items that cost pennies to manufacture.
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September 12, 2014 by Richard
Great camera
Since buying this camera, I have used it with the 14-42mm EZ zoom and the 45mm F/1.8. It has been used in a variety of conditions for different types of photography and has met or exceeded my expectations. It is especially nice to have a decent built-in flash that allows me to shoot pet portraits across the room. The dual control dials are also a big plus. The camera is obviously built with quality and takes great pictures. I have ordered the add-on grip because I have large hands.
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September 12, 2014 by Steve
Channeling the Feel of the OM-1n
I have owned OM system 35mm cameras and an assortment of Zuiko lenses since 1977, so it was perhaps inevitable that I would look to the characteristics that so endear me to them--compact size, ergonomics, durability, and unparalleled quality--when entering digital photography. My initial foray with Olympus digital cameras proved hugely disappointing when the E-PL-1 I bought in 2011 died from internal corrosion after just three years. I am counting on my new E-M10 to reinstill my faith in Olympus cameras. It is still too early for me to comment on all of the features of the E-M10, but my initial impressions are very positive. Image quality is exceptional, viewfinder and screen are clear and bright, and output in micro 4/3 is more than adequate for my needs. It has the same heft and feel of my beloved OM-1n. Controls are well placed and intuitively located. Features may be accessed in multiple ways, allowing the user to choose whatever method works best for him or her. In short, it certainly looks and feels the part; only time will tell whether it can live up to the vaunted reputation that the OM 35mm system earned for durability. One minor quibble: this camera should have a paper manual delivered with it. Yes, the PDF is comprehensive, but it's far easier to read a bound paper copy with the camera in hand than to attempt to do so on screen. I am counting on this camera to make up for the design and build failures of the E-PL-1 it is replacing. If it is anywhere near as reliable as my 37-year-old OM-1n bodies and Zuiko lenses have been, I will be a very happy man.
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September 8, 2014 by showmeyourpics
The OM-D E-M10 in real life
I have had the camera for about three weeks now and used it almost every day outdoor and indoor with consistently excellent results. While my brain has no doubt, my gut is still trying to come to terms with how capable and fun to use this little thing is. The E-M10 has a reassuring, solid feel and fits nicely in my average size male hands. I never hit controls by mistake which is surprising given its diminutive size. Even if not top of the line, the EVF is highly usable. I am used to the glory of large SLR prism finders but having all the main camera settings visible in the EVF is VERY convenient. I seldom compose with the LCD but the E-M10's is bright and sharp and its tilting capability comes very handy when my eye can't get to the EVF. The complexity of the menu system is real but it's due to the amazing amount of customization offered by the camera. I read the manual, identified all the controls (fixed and programmable), and set things up just right for my kind of shooting. Now I can change all the important settings without moving my eye away from the EVF. Focusing is quick and overall camera responsiveness is great. Negatives are all minor: flimsy battery/card door, I/O rubber cover, and still missing AC adapter. In conclusion, the E-M10 is a great little camera with a vast choice of excellent lenses that competently helps me turn my vision into exhibition-quality, poster-size prints within a wide range of ISO values. I just ordered a second body and am selling my APS-C system to purchase a number of Olympus pro quality lenses. If portability, IQ and customization are your priorities, there is little else out there that can match the E-M10.
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August 31, 2014 by Reba
Little Powerhouse
I bought this as a second body to my Olympus E-M1 and have had so much fun playing with this camera. It's small, fast, and most importantly powerful! When I pull this camera out people are always curious about it and then when they see the images blown away by the quality. Would highly recommend this camera as your first step into photography, second body, or even your main body - you won't be disappointed.
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