October 7, 2017 by Ivan_996
The Pen F light.
I had the original em10 until a looong 50 foot drop shattered the camera and the lens on it. Oops. EM10.2's are fantastic buys especially if you can buy them refurbished but even at full price they are everything the EM5's and Pens are. While this camera lacks the art dials of the Pen F you do get access to them in the Olympus Viewer software. The tilting LCD screen probably makes this the most useful Olympus camera at the cost of self video and selfies. This camera greatly benefits from the more expensive UH-2 memory. In practice I shoot raw and jpeg, and throw away 99% of the raws, but having a fast memory card makes the camera so responsive that I don't notice if there's even a buffer, and reviewing pictures is extremely quick. If you use slower memory then the camera handles quite slow, on the order of 8-12 seconds for shots. Interestingly, if you set the camera to full manual including focus then it handles quite similar to my film OM-1, even including the on switch and dangling metal eyelets.
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September 29, 2017 by Jarvis
All in all very pleased especially for a backup to the EM-1. Lens work interchangeable which is one reason for the purchase. Excellent photos. Would purchase again. A great camera to get into the OMD line
Purchased for a backup to my Em-1 plus for my wife. Excellent photos a little slower than the Em-1 but my wife does not care. The lens are interchangeable which was a real plus. I think size is small for my fingers but my wife loves it for her hands.
September 25, 2017 by mc_gatty
An extremely well-designed camera with top-notch image quality
I bought this camera after I tried the 75mm 1.8 on a Pen F and had to have a body on which to use it. I wanted the most affordable, compact body that still maintained high-level customizability (and a viewfinder), as I was really only jumping in for one lens. (Full disclosure: I'm primarily a Sony shooter, non-professional, but open to all brands.) I've now had the camera for over a year, and I could not be happier. I added the 45mm 1.8 lens to my arsenal as well, and the best way I can describe the E-M10 II is "batting way above its class." Though M4/3s uses a significantly smaller sensor, I haven't found any quality difference between the pictures I take with the E-M10 and those I take with my APS-C camera. The dials on the E-M10 (which are more or less the same on the 5 and 1) are the most comfortable and logically-placed that I have ever used, which makes it an absolute joy to shoot with. I'm also a bit of a menu/option enthusiast, and Olympus does NOT disappoint with their level of customizability. Almost anything you could want to customize is in the menu somewhere. Having taken the camera throughout Colorado and to Iceland, Ireland, and the Cook Islands, the only thing I've found that I don't like is that my nose tends to move the focus point when I'm switching to the viewfinder. Olympus does give you the option to turn off the touch screen functionality, but I find the experience of reviewing photos using the dials to zoom/switch photos and the screen to swipe-pan to be so delightful that I live with the focus point issue. If there's an option to ONLY disable the touchscreen when shooting, I haven't found it (Olympus, take note!). Otherwise, my experience has been superb. I almost opted for the E-M5 for its creative use of sensor stabilization technology (e.g. high-resolution mode), but unless you specifically need that or the weather-proofing, I can enthusiastically recommend the E-M10 II for all uses. Every image I've taken (barring shaky and badly-composed ones) is satisfactory or better, and many are breathtaking.
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September 7, 2017 by AMW
One Awesome Feature Packed Camera
My first digital camera, besides the point and shoot variety, was the Olympus E-M10 Mark I. It was the camera that pulled me away from film, which I'd been shooting for years and still shoot. I remember the first time I saw one in person and I was floored by the design of the body. I had no idea what Olympus was doing in the digital world because all I cared about was film. When my daughter was born four years ago, I still shot film and her first few months are captured in B&W. However, I grew tired of looking at baby photos in B&W, especially since she looked like I did when I was a baby and all my baby photos are in B&W. I knew it was time for a good digital system and my search began. I looked at every brand's offerings and very quickly decided the OM-D E-M10 was the way to go. It didn't take long to adjust to shooting digital and I started adding some lenses to my system. I also took advantage of the ability to use legacy glass, the old stuff that no one wanted back then. For a few years I was happy as could be and got some stellar shots. When the Mark II came out, I knew I wanted to get one and so I did. I had my Mark I converted to shoot UV/IR only and I use the Mark II for all my "normal" photography. It's a joy to use. The upgrades from the Mark I are worth the investment and the ability to hand hold slow shutter speeds is amazing. IBIS is where it's at. I love the Composite feature as well. I also like the size and portability of the body and lenses. I can carry several lenses and the body in a full frame body carrying case. It's light as a feather, but very sturdy. As a film shooter, with bodies that have dials and knobs, I'm at home with the dials and buttons on this body. Some say the menu is overwhelming, but I disagree. Yes there are options galore and if you wish to use them all, it may take a while to familiarize yourself with the options. That being said, I considered it a joy to learn and realize all the camera's potential. Last, but not least, the ability to use almost any lens ever made is HUGE in my book. I can use my film glass on this body and while I have to manually focus my shots, the focus peaking feature makes it a breeze. I will always use Olympus digital bodies and lenses and I can't wait to try out the Mark III!!
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September 6, 2017 by Jon
Small, light camera perfect for capturing everyday life!
This goes for MFT cameras in general, but E-M10 II is perfect for everyday use. One of the problems of DSLRs is that its weight keeps me from carrying it in my everyday life. But for my E-M10 II along with prime lenses like Leica DG 15mm Summilux or M.Zuiko 25mm F1.8, I almost always carry it without noticing the weight too much.
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