April 12, 2020 by Ken
Solid Beginner Camera For Anyone
Very good entry lever start for someone looking to get into an interchangeable lens camera. Solid 1080p video and good ergonomics.
February 26, 2020 by Gaz
Great compact camera
I have traditionally used canon DSLR/SLR's for many years,I wanted a smaller camera to keep in the car, for both when /i am driving for uber and when I coaching Rugby. This is great little camera which is surprisingly ergonomic considering it's size, I think i will be investing in more lenses when I travel abroad. The cool traditional OM look is the icing on the cake.
February 25, 2020 by Jerry
Great camera. Great pictures. Small size.
Replaced the OMD 10 with the Mark ii. The mark II is as great as the OMD 10. I would recommend it to anyone especially for the price of it.
December 19, 2019 by Josh
Great Introduction to the World of Photography!
I've sincerely enjoyed using the OM-D E-M10 Mark II; it's extensive feature list allows new photographers the opportunity to experiment and learn, without feeling limited by their camera. It may not be as simple as taking a quick snapshot with a cellphone, but this camera rewards the effort you put in with superior image quality!
November 27, 2019 by Chris T.
The right choice for me.
Have really loved using this camera. In terms of compactness, features, functionality and value, I'd argue the OMD-EM10 MkII is about a balance as you're likely to find. I was initially hesitant between buying this camera or the M5, as weatherproofed-ness and durability of the M5 was a big draw for me. I decided on the M10 in the end and have not regretted it. Mine's been around the world and endured a ton of abuse, moisture, and temperature extremes and is still working excellently after years of use. That being said, I do do my best to keep it dry and out of harms way whenever possible.
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