April 10, 2016 by Valerii
A Great Camera
Not the easiest camera to use but motivates you to dig deeper into settings and try to understand how all of this works. As a result plenty of option in this mid class camera. If you don't want to spend more than 1200 bucks, go with this - it uses same sensor as all top level OM-D. Great quality... feels very strong. The only thing that I don't understand - plastic battery lock ( haven't heard that somebody broke it - but still, doesn't feel very strong). If it is first 4/3 camera - KIT is an excellent choice.
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April 8, 2016 by J.Michael
omd e-m10 markii
It was a difficult choice in selecting my first OMD series camera. I was really torn between the em-5 mark ii and the OMD EM 10 mark 11. I selected the 10 mark ii and I must say I am very very pleased with my choice. My decision finally came down to deciding which better suited my needs and every photographer must go through this process. Price did have a factor in deciding what I needed but no more than really looking at my skill level and where I wanted to go with photography. The weather sealing and the few extras that the 5 has over the 10 were not of that much value to me. I have several other Olympus camaeras that I use as well. I have used several of the pen series in lots of weather and with a little preparation I never had an issue. The comfort of this camera with the optional grip fits my hand perfectly so I high recommend this option. I have been shooting the pen series and this feel so much better to me in the hand. Its fast,accurate and full of shooting options to keep the budding enthusiast happy for a very long time. The built in flash and view finder are excellent and so convenient. I love the size weight and quality of the package. I would have liked to had the high resolution option that the 5 has now but it can only be used in specific situations. IN camera focus stacking would be nice as it is on the OMD -EM-1 version 4 upgrade but I have Photoshop so there is really just one more step in the process from focus bracketing to stacking. Moving up from 3 to 5 axis stabilization just has to be experienced, as it just makes everything so much easier. Combine this camera with a small portable tripod that will extend up 42 inches or so and you have an incredible package. The price difference between the em-5 mark-ii and em-10 mark ii is about 300 dollars Canadian. That is about the price of another good used lens and there are many to choose from in the Olympus line up. I currently own the 17 mm, 25 mm, and 45 mm f 1.8 and I cannot recommend these lenses enough. I had very little to complain about with the kit lenses for family photography and quick shots but the primes are absolutely amazing. I still keep the 40-150 kit lens as it does a decent job for those times I need to reach, and the 5 axis makes a big difference when you zoom. I will purchase the 60 mm f 2.8 in the near future as well as looking for a deal on the 75 mm f 1.8. Read the reviews and remember they are professionals for the most part and their standards are extremely high. I have not used this camera allot yet but I will as soon as the weather turns a little nicer and warmer here in New Brunswick. I am very impressed with all aspects of this camera. I researched it for about a month picked up both cameras in stores and made my decision. If you are like I am not a novice and not a pro and looking for an excellent camera with amazing options and quality this is a good choice. I always remember an excellent photographer telling me once years ago get yourself a good quality camera and the best lenses you can afford. Now I have both an excellent camera and excellent lenses.
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March 30, 2016 by Adventure Duke
Excellent Camera for Adventure seekers on he go.
Just purchased the OMD Silver Limited Edition two weeks ago. Took it with me on my trip to Belgium and Paris. Love it. The art setting is amazing. Dramatic tone in the art setting is stunning. The wifi works great. This is a purchase that exceeded my expectations. This is my first interchangeable lens camera and I am so happy I went with this camera over a DLSR. Small and lightweight. It can fit in my jacket pocket. And on top of that it looks amazing. People would come up to me on the street and ask about it. Its not often that I would like a product enough to write a review. Here you go.
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March 30, 2016 by Deb
Growing Into It
When I was ready to take a step up from a point-and-shoot to a DSLR camera I still wanted something lightweight and compact, and the EM10 Mark ll was just what I was looking for. It's much lighter than any of the other DSLR cameras I looked at, and fits in a tiny bag that I can easily carry on hikes. I don't have to struggle with the dials and buttons-- they are in exactly the right spot for my small hands and short fingers. This is a great camera for an absolute beginner like me. I started by using the various scene functions and auto settings, and by paying close attention to the monitor display I was quickly able to figure out how to use the manual settings to get the same results. I've been slowly going through the instruction manual and am starting to experiment more and am getting some great results. There's still a lot for me to learn about this camera, and I am looking forward to growing into it. I particularly like the touch screen control for some of those odd-angle and low shots that make using the view finder and the shutter hard to reach. As a beginner I don't have the trained eye that can catch the fine differences that others might notice, but overall I'm very happy with the sharp picture quality I've been getting, and the vibrant colours the kit lens (14-42 EZ ED) gives me. The E-M10 Mark ll has gotten me off to a great start so far.
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March 10, 2016 by George
Good Feel, Great Features but S/W Issues
I purchased this camera in November 2015 and have enjoyed the small size and solid build along with a great feature set. Selecting a focus point from the LCD was the major reason that I selected this camera over the E-M5 mark ii. Enjoyment was short-lived, however - the camera has hung up and won't function and warranty shipping repairs fall on the buyer.
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