March 12, 2017 by Jeff
Cool toy!
I use this lens much more often than I thought I would. Gives interesting perspective and not much distortion. A bit overpriced, but worth having
February 3, 2017 by Rachel
So much fun!
This bodycap lens is incredibly fun to use. Its a lens I take with me everywhere because, why not? Its so small, you're really not taking up any more space in your camera bag. The best lenses to have with you are the ones you enjoy using, and this one is just fun to use.
January 23, 2017 by Matt
Superb intro into Fisheye world
I bought this lens October 2016 and took it on a 7week holiday around the globe. I was blown away by the quality for $99! It is easily my favourite lens for shooting in cities and in close quarters. The body cap size means its small enough to be shoved into a pocket whilst still on your camera. Perfect when you have to hop on/off public transport. Being fixed aperture does make it a little frustrating when you are in need of a few extra stops. BUT THIS LENS COST $99! If I lost the lens today, I would buy another one tomorrow. Its sharp enough to use for most applications. The focusing system is super easy to use and quick to figure out whilst looking through the viewfinder. I have enjoyed using this lens so much I will be buying the 8mm pro FE. But I will not be leaving this lens out of my bag. It really will always be my goto city and street lens.
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December 27, 2016 by Jackie L
Great for GIANT group photos and nice aesthetics!
It's not 100% a full fisheye, but for me, it doubles as a wide angle lens alternative for ENORMOUS group shots-a hundred or so people lined up on a wall without having to be super far away. Pictures are not as sharp as my other prime lens, but with minimal tweaking, that is absolutely no concern at all. Closeup, the camera's predetermined focus setting is perfect for portraits and selfies. Because the lens is super tiny, you can get the model to hover their hands or props over the camera (without worrying about poking the lens) for some really neat effects! One tiny peeve is that the lens is very sensitive to movement, so it is best used with a shutter release for full potential.
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February 18, 2016 by Vitali
No-brainer for a different perspective
This is a lens that I use very rarely but it offers such a different perspective that I enjoy using it all the time. Whether its for the fish-eye distortion, the ultra-wide selfies, or the ultra-wide field of view (correcting the distortion in post-processing), this lens is always a joy to use. It's not particularly sharp. The f8 aperture is rather limiting. And the manual focus lever isn't exactly easy to focus with. But the small package and price make this lens a no-brainer purchase and everyday carry.
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