October 26, 2011 by Convert
Superior camera with the best glass available
I have shot both the other "big" brands and must say the E5 is miles ahead of them. The camera is an absolute beast that can put up with anything I throw at it, as I am an "action" photographer that is tough on equipment. It won't scratch, wear or dent not matter what I do to it. I am amazed with the abuse that it just laughs at. Beyond being tough, the E5 picture quality is amazing. I love the fact that the exposure is almost always dead on when I am in Aperture Mode. The jpegs are extremely sharp and accurate (I don't like spending hours correcting photos, I would rather be shooting). Colors are correct and vibrant. The controls are easy to use and all of the buttons are well placed and I very rarely ever mistakenly change modes or settings as I did with the "other" cameras. All of my pictures are tack sharp if I follow proper shooting guidelines. Some of the other things I like about the camera are the durable and awesome swivel screen. What top rate, pro camera offers this? I love the Art filters. Are they a little corny? Maybe, but if it a dreary day they can add some fun to the pictures. Dramatic tone can make an overcast day awesome. Best yet, the filters don't touch the raw file. I also love and treasure the anti shock feature. Gone is the stupid mirror lock up feature. For a landscape photographer, this is huge benefit and true genius from Olympus. I also like the in-body camera stabilization. Put good glass in the lenses, not electronics. I like the two card slots also. Now I can use both type of cards and never run into memory problems if I have 2 cards in. I love the feel of this camera. It feels tough and it fits my hand well. You feel like you are holding a professional (which you are) piece of equipment when you hold the E5. Throw on the superior Zuiko glass and you have a heavy duty masterpiece. I only have two complaints with this camera. The eye cup. Watch out, it falls of easy, so if you move around a lot with the camera, have extras in your bag because you are going to lose one or two. The remote cable release was not well thought out. For a tough camera, this is the camera's Achilles Heal. You look at it wrong and it will break, costing you over 60 bucks a clip. This has been a big frustration to me. The E5 is a big winner. I have a much more expensive competitor's camera and it stays in the bag all the time. I have 2 E5 bodies and an assortment of the top level Zuiko lenses. I absolutely love them. When I read reviews that say the Olympus is expensive compared to competitors similar models, I think they are comparing the wrong models. The E5 is a professional camera that should be compared to the big two's pro cameras that cost almost 3 times more. I have compared images in exact same settings and the E5 images are sharper, more true to color, and better exposed. Add that to the super tough body, and you have the best of all features in one camera. Well done Olympus. Please keep the DSLR cameras going. The E-PL system is awesome (I have one of those also), but the E5 is simply the best. It makes my photography better and much more fun.
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October 3, 2011 by DogPix
The E-5 produces exceptional color quality.
You can feel the build quality the moment you pick up the camera. It's built like a tank. The ergonomic design fits naturally when taking photographs. The autofocus is amazingly fast. Particularly with the ED 50mm,f2.0 lens. I have a picture of a bubble floating in an outdoor breeze to prove it. I enjoy using the art filters to show different perspectives. The processor processes RAW files quickly when doing high sequential shooting. The ability to access menus and make changes is quick and easy. I am most impressed with the picture quality and color. In my opinion, the Olympus E-5 produces better picture quality and color than any other camera in it's class and better then many of the competitors' more expensive high end cameras. I also own the Olympus E-3 in addition to the E-5. With the weather sealing, I feel very secure using these Olympus cameras in foul/stormy weather conditions and when boating, etc. Thank you Olympus. You keep DSLR's like the E-5 coming and I'll keep buying. :-)
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September 30, 2011 by Art_Norton
Dramatic Upgrade
As a longtime E-1 user, who skipped the E-3, the E-5 is a significant upgrade. I have less than two weeks with this camera, but the improvements in image quality and responsiveness are significant. I really love the 3" LCD, the viewfinder and the information displays. I will have a more cogent review in a few months, but so far, so good. Note I listed good for value, as similarly capable bodies, from other manufactures, sell for less. If I factor in lens quality vs. price, for Olympus DSLR cameras, the value borders on excellent.
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September 25, 2011 by Nashville to New York
Superior Camera need to know the future
I've shot Olympus SLR since the E-10. I have all the pro series zooms from 7-4 to 90-250mm. I shoot about 500 frames a week. The quality of the colors and clairity beats my friends. The sharpmess and image quality stand out. I just want to know that the E system SLRs will continue.
September 20, 2011 by BAM
Excellent masterpiece of art and technology
Simply a masterpiece product from Olympus. Combined with almost any Zuiko lenses, you will get beatiful photos. E-5 is an excellent tool for any type of photography. I have used in several countries in different weather condition, the camera and lenses never failed. Oh yes, you can take stunning night photos without flash.
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