November 4, 2010 by Guillenet
Definitely, this camera has excellent performance.
I started in photography in my younger years using analog cameras of different brands and I remember I got to use an Olympus point and shoot that belonged to my mother, who always attracted me by the quality of the reproduced colors . I never had the opportunity to use at that time an Olympus SLR. In 2002, I realized that digital photography had matured and that it was time to purchase a digital camera. I evaluated the cameras were on edge in the market and I chose between all offers available, the Olympus C-740, which I used to photograph the exotic locations of the trips I made. Spectacular pictures I took in Argentina, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and other Caribbean Islands. In 2006 I had the opportunity to make a trip to Europe, so I decided to buy a more advanced camera model, (I had already purchased the Olympus C-765 primarily for photographs of the work in Engineering and Architecture, but I preferred still use the C-740, mostly by the type of battery that used my old camera) and I chose to buy a SP-500UZ. I took very good photos on my trip to Europe, which made me even more enamored with the Olympus brand. In December 2008 I decided it was time to move into the DSLR camera and I decided to re-evaluate the market, which was evidently inclined towards the use of two brands and none of them was the Olympus brand. However, previous experience with the brand, and the simplicity of the choice of models and lenses led me to the choice of E-520 camera, which I bought with zuiko lenses 14 - 40 mm and zuiko 50 - 150 mm. My passion for photography grew and while I was preparing a trip to the Mediterranean with my family I decided to buy other objectives (Zuiko 12 to 60 mm, Zuiko 50 mm Zuiko 70-300, Macro Extension Tubes, etc.). As expected, the Mediterranean cruise was a great show and my camera Olympus E-520 with my Zuiko lenses were there to demonstrate it. Then came the moment of truth, and I wanted more, not because the E-520 is not capable, but because it was time for the next step. The Olympus E-5. I have only 4 days I received the E-5 and in this short time the E-5 has filled all my expectations, and may be demonstrated by the fact that my presence in the photographic community to which I belong is more prominent. In connection with the E-520 I can say that the auto focus is much more efficient, however, by normal I frequently use manual focus; the screen has a higher degree of definition and a very functional mobility. The display is very bright and has the appropriate information for sub-expose the image efficiently and to make a precise focus. The shots with manual focus using live view allows accurate focusing, because if you have activated the automatic extension of the image, with the simple act of turning the focus ring, it automatically expands the image of the LCD to allow much more focus accurate. The commands are easily deduced if you've had experience with previous Olympus DSLR. The use of the new features is very dynamic and efficient; the sensitivity is extremely efficient even at ISO 3200 and in some cases to 6400. The only complaint I have is that the drivers for iphoto and photoshop to handle RAW images are not available yet, but the camera comes with a version of Olympus Viewer 2 that manages the camera's raw files, and works quite well but slow compared with iPhoto or Photoshop. I'm adding two images that prove the benefits of the camera and software, the first is a sunset taken in RAW and processed later in Olympus Viewer 2 by simply adding to the image of Pop Art filter (12-60mm Zuiko lens at 20 mm, f/22, 1 / 40 ", ISO 100) and the second is a picture of a sea wall which I took just as it was in the E-5 without any modification by some software, just used the filter Dramatic E-5 and S1 stabilizer ON without the use of a tripod. (12-60mm lens Zuiko 21 mm, f/16, 1 / 4 ", ISO 100).
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October 23, 2010 by PadrePaul77
Fast, fun and sharp
Last year, I wanted to take my photography to the next level, so after looking at different companies, I decided to go with Olympus as the value seemed better, and it was a little bit smaller; and being I like shooting landscape and nature I'd much rather carry a smaller body with just as much reach than one of the tanks from the other companies. I have really enjoyed my E620, and over the past year added on more lenses, teleconverters, and the FL36 for a better flash, but reading about the E5 got me excited, so I decided to pick it up. I got lucky and some came in this past week at a camera store. It arrived yesterday, and after my first outdoor shoot with birds I've really enjoyed it. It's quite durable, focuses quickly, and is pretty easy to use. No control dial on top was a little worrisome at first, but it's easy to figure out how to change modes quickly. Another great feature: the digital level bar. The manual says hit "info" to get it to show up, but that didn't seem to work so a call to technical support helped me quickly; you simply go into the menu and can add it there. I rotate a lot in Photoshop but having this is so nice to get a straight picture. The noise is also very good. I shot hand-held birds, and at 1/1000 shutter speed needed a higher ISO of 1600; noise wasn't an issue at all. The only other difference with the E620 I noticed was there are no quick "scene" modes; but with a "MyMode" setting one can quickly dial in settings you like. I'm still tinkering with the art filters, but really enjoy them on the E620 and to have them in all the other modes now is so wonderful. All in all my first impressions have been great. It's fun to use, and easy to navigate too. Olympus has really done a great job.
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