April 2, 2013 by Jerry
I got my E-5 over a month ago now, and was really overwhelmed by the quality of the camera! My E-500 does not compare! The E-5 is a heftier, solid work of art. The layout of controls seems to be Much better and easier to use, focus is extremely fast and accurate, ISO range is way better, there are much improved art filters, and the pop-up flash works the way I prefer… everything is superb. I also have an E-M5, which compares more favorably to the E-5, but I really like the E-5 better. It fits my hand more correctly, while the E-M5 is much smaller, made for someone with small hands. Focus speed seems very fast in low light. I have noticed the ISO (in Auto ISO) will jump up to 800, 1200, or better, depending on how low the light may be. ISO goes to 6400 with the E-5, which seems to be more than adequate. The E-5 holds two media cards, just as the E-500 does, which is a Great advantage. I like to shoot on smaller media cards to allow a photo project to be on a card. If I happen to shoot two weddings in a single day, it is convenient to switch to a new card per wedding, keeping everyone in the correct group (2 Meg cards were great, but 4 Meg are just fine too) But now days, it is harder to get CF (compact flash) cards, so with those I take what I can get. The Nikon D600 takes two cards, both SD, so maybe the E-5 (or the next generation) should have two SD media cards as well. The E-M5 only has one media card slot, and that is not as nice. The adjustable LCD monitor really helps when shooting “Low” viewing angles. I have found I can rotate the monitor down, so I can view images at waist level (just like I would with my old Mamiya 645 with waist level finder). The E-5 can give me the same viewing angle, but there are so many more angles… the E-5 was really thought out well! Plus, you can shut it, so it is protected, when you turn off the camera. When using the E-5, I feel like I am shooting with a professional camera (which I AM!) The camera seems to function as if all parts respond in unison. Everything works well together, and all parts respond logically when utilized. It may be the Perfect Camera! (at least for me, it is!) I think all E-System users should get a chance to Try the E-5 to appreciate it. I would like it to get upgraded to the higher 16MP sensor, and increased ISO range, but other than that, it is an absolutely amazing camera. Everyone should have one!
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July 26, 2012 by Vulcan1500
This camera does everything I wanted it to do.
I have owned an Olympus E-5 for 2 years. I have used it to do Macro, Landscapes, wildlife, family, sports. It has handled everything I have tried effortlessly. The results have been absolutely beautiful. I have used it on beaches, in the mountains and everywhere you can think of. The weight, balance, color clarity, sharpness are beyond reproach. All in all just what I imagined before purchase has been confirmed since purchase.
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June 15, 2012 by Tor
Awesome image quality
Upgraded from an E620. The E5 is superbly built camera, with phenomenal picture quality, gorgous LCD screen, built like a brick. Highly recommended.
May 12, 2012 by Picture guy
So far, so good
This is an upgrade from my E-30, which I like very much. However, noise in the30 is a problem. My testing to this point suggests that I will be happy shooting @ISO 800, which I think will be enough for me. I like the camera features and operating it is easy. A bit heavy with a 50-200 but stil manageable.
May 9, 2012 by JR
Olympus E-System is FANTASTIC!
The E-5 is an inspiration to use. Olympus should be blessed to have developed it. I have a lot of experience with APS-C and full format bodies of the big N, and the red dotted rangefinder. What I miss in all cases are really good colors. I remembered the great colors of my E-620, that I sold two years ago, and hoped that the E-5 would bring them back. I bought it together with the 12-60 lens. What can I say? I am amazed by the image quality of the E-5. I absolutely love, love, love the high quality of the RAW files. It is simply fantastic to see which intensive colors, contrast, and dynamic range, not to speak of the very high sharpness, can be squeezed out of the E-5's RAWs. It's mind-blowingly great. Olympus, please do not drop the E-System, it is one of the highest quality digital camera systems on the market. I think it is two notches above the M4/3 system (which I also know from the Pen E-P2). Apart from the very high image quality, I LOVE the excellent viewfinder. The camera simply fits perfectly to the eye (even with glasses on!), so that I can shoot with full concentration on the subject. Again, the E-5 is inspiring. Ergonomics, grip, everything is excellent. Olympus, you did an excellent job. Again: Please keep this system alive.
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