These sporty, compact binoculars offer an amazing view thanks to wonderfully-designed optics, and one that is easily attainable, too, since their cool design and light weight make them so simple to carry around.
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  2. Monocular i 6 x 16 Roof Prism Waterproof
    A lightweight yet powerful alternative to cumbersome binoculars, with 6x magnification enabling you to appreciate the subtle interplay of orchestra members, or see expressions on the actors’ faces at the theater. At about half the size and weight of binoculars, the sleek premium design fits in almost any pocket or purse. It’s waterproof and nitrogren-filled preventing condensation. Protective pouch and neck strap included.
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  3. Trooper 7 X 35 DPS
    For rugged and affordable 7x optical power, look no further than the Trooper. This standard, Porro Prism binocular makes for easy wide-angle viewing and spares the bank account besides. This wide angle of view makes the binoculars ideal for tracking fast moving subjects, and its foldable rubber eyecups and long eye relief provide the ultimate in viewing comfort.
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  4. Trooper 8 X 40 DPS
    With so much to see in "the Great Outdoors", why take a risk at missing it all. The Trooper 8x40 DPS model lets you enjoy the splendors of hiking, bird-watching, sporting events and more with its wide-angle field of view and UV-protected optics. And its rugged, high-quality black finish with sure-grip rubber coating adds a classic look and feel to your binocular experience.
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  5. Roamer 8 X 21 DPC
    Sometimes the best adventures are the ones that are unexpected. That's why the all-purpose Roamer binoculars are the perfect viewing companion. Whether you're going camping, to a concert, or even on vacation, these sporty, compact binoculars offer an amazing view thanks to wonderfully-designed optics. And a view that is easily attainable, too, since their cool design and light weight make them so simple to carry around, as if they were designed to roam.
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  6. Magellan 8 X 42 EXWP
    This universal outdoor model uses high-index BaK-4 prisms and large 42mm diameter objective lenses to provide clear, bright vision while its waterproof, fogproof and dirtproof design helps ensure great results. Its sleek body and sure-grip feeling provide for comfortable handling and carrying and further comfort comes via the binocular's long-eye-relief (18mm) capability and twist-up/down eyecups, so you can enjoy using your Magellan EXWP I binoculars for extended periods of time.
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  7. 108799-410
    By way of its high-index BaK-4 prisms and fully multi-coated lenses the binoculars deliver crisp, clear images while its waterproof, fogproof and dirtproof features help to ensure a great viewing experience under a variety of weather-related conditions. Additionally, long-eye relief capability and the binocular's twist up/down eyecups make them more comfortable to use over extended periods of time.
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  8. Trooper 10 X 50 DPS
    If you need equal parts economy, endurance and 10x optical power, consider the Trooper 10x50 DPS. This standard Porro Prism binocular brings sports enthusiasts to their game with easily focused, wide-angle views that are great for tracking - and keeping up with - fast moving subjects, and provide UV ray protection so you never have to worry about the sun. And maybe best of all, these binoculars spare the bank account besides.
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  9. Trooper 8 - 16 X 40 Zoom DPS
    For rugged power and superb performance, look no further than the 7-15X Zoom. Excellent for activities like bird watching, hiking, and sporting events, these binoculars give you the flexibility to zoom in and out on your subject so you continue to keep it in focus no matter how near or far you might be.
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  10. Roamer 10 X 21 DPC
    There are no more excuses for not bringing your binoculars with you. The 10x21 DPC I models have coated lenses and prisms that will have you seeing things the way they were meant to be seen. Their non-slip rubber grips and thumb-rest will give you a stable and comfortable view. And their sporty design and ultra light weight will make carrying them a pleasure. With the 10x21 Roamer binoculars, there's no longer any reason to ever leave your binoculars home again.
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