TCON-17X Tele Converter

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TCON-17X Tele Converter

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TCON-17X Tele Converter
5.0 Stars
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Availability: Out of stock

Item #V321170BW000-U410-AF01

The Olympus tele conversion lens increases the existing focal length by factor of 1.7 but without changing the aperture. The TCON-17X has been especially designed for the XZ-1, XZ-2, Stylus-1 and in this case the tele position increases to 190mm (equiv. to 35mm) with an amazingly large aperture of 2.5. Therefore it is possible to enjoy the high brightness even for far away motifs. Depending on the used camera model, a special conversion lens adapter is required; in case of the XZ-1 it is the CLA-12.

TCON-17X Tele Converter


Ideal for shooting sports, concerts and wildlife. When your camera lens is set to the telephoto position, the TCON-17X allows you to increase the magnification of your subject by a factor of 1.7x (70% more zoom!). The large aperture and high brightness of your camera lens will remain unchanged. The TCON-17X is especially designed for the STYLUS 1, XZ-2 iHS and XZ-1.

STYLUS 1: This tele converter increases the end of the zoom range from 300mm to 510mm (equiv. in 35mm) without affecting the maximum aperture of F2.8.

The CLA-13 converter adaptor is required to attach the TCON-17x to the camera lens.

XZ-2 iHS and XZ-1: This tele converter increases the end of the zoom range from 112mm to 190mm (equiv. in 35mm) while maintaining the large aperture of F2.5.

The CLA-12 converter adaptor is required to attach the TCON-17x to the camera lens.

Item # V321170BW000

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February 17, 2016 by Larry
After buying this for my Stylus 1, we have taken it it Belieze, Argentina and Uruguay. While sight-seeing, it has given us a fresh look at our photos. From 15th century fortresses to Aztec pyramids, we have clear close ups that we could never get before. It has made our trips more memorable in our photos. I would recommend this to anyone who is always using their "zoom way too much".
Capture your stories.