FL-LM3 Replacement Flash

5.0 Stars

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FL-LM3 Replacement Flash

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FL-LM3 Replacement Flash
5.0 Stars
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Availability: In stock

Item #V326150BW000-U410-AF01

Replacement Flash for the certain OM-D and PEN camera bodies. Dustproof / Splashproof. Has GN9 (ISO 100) and is capable of bounce photography.

$12 Flat Rate all other orders.

See shipping & handling page for restrictions.


$12 Flat Rate all other orders. See shipping & handling page for restrictions.


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FL-LM3 Replacement Flash


Replacement Flash for the E-M5 Mark II camera body. Dustproof / Splashproof. Has GN9 (ISO 100) and is capable of bounce photography.

PLEASE NOTE: The FL-LM3 only works with the E-M5 Mark II camera. It will not work with other cameras.

Item # V326150BW000
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October 26, 2017 by Torsten
Great little flash
Great flash - very small, doesn't need batteries - great to trigger RC flashes as it tilts and rotates. You can attach the little pouch to your camera carrying belt
June 12, 2017 by Roto
I would have never thought I'd be writing a review, much less a positive review, about a flash that looks comically tiny! But it does a great job as both a fill light and short distance lighting in low light conditions. I'm amazed! Seems very well made. Can't tell if its weatherproof as its prior generation claimed to be, but I suspect its just a tweak of the prior design which I take to mean weatherproof. Either way, I love this super convenient flash.
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December 21, 2016 by Scott
Great go to flash when you need more light than what's available
Such a great little flash for the money. I have used this only om my OM-D EM-5 MkII, so I'm not sure if it works on other OM-D models. It's compact size allows me to stick it in my pocket or in my camera bag without taking up more space than 2 9V batteries. Can't be that. The flahs head can be swiveled and tilted 90 degrees. Will it replace a speedlight or full sized flash? Not really, but it's great for adding some fill in or bounce lighting. Sooo much better than any pop up flash. I even increased the functionality of it, by cutting a rectangle out of an old ping pong ball and using it as flash diffuser.
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