Camera Accessories

  1. Lithium Ion Battery Charger ( F-5AC )
    Charges the battery in the camera for camera models that support charging via USB. Simply connect your camera to the charger using the USB cable that came with the camera.

    Replacement for the F-3AC adapter.

    Please Note: This can be used to power the camera as well as charge the battery. The battery does not have to be in the camera to just power the camera.

    Item #V6220120J000-410
    Earn 32 points
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  2. AC-5 OM-D Series AC Adapter
    AC Adapter compatible with the HLD-9 Battery Grip and the O-MD E-M1X camera.
    Earn 180 points
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  3. Lithium Ion Battery Charger BCH-1
    Replacement Battery charger for camera models that use the BLH-1 Battery.
    Earn 80 points
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  4. AC Adapter AC-01
    For E-1 body and E-300.
    Earn 200 points
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